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Japan SoS:FoMT (Ps4) - November 25, 2021
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Ushi No Tane
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The Game Endings

In this game there are plenty of endings. You just have to achieve a certain goal in the game and you will be rewarded with a scene pertaining to that goal.

Bucket Full of Crops: Simply ship 200 crops of the same crop throughout the game. Once this is achieved you will be rewarded with a scene of you and your crops. You can obtain this scene up to 4 times using 4 different crops.

Children are a Handful: After you have been married to one of the 5 eligible women in town, you eventually may have a child. Once your child is born you will see a scene of you and your new born child.

Pluck Full of Chickens: When you have achieved 4 chickens during the game, you will be awarded with the Chicken Ending. This is one of the more easier endings.

Give Me More Milk: Just like in the Chicken Ending, there is a Cow Ending. Rack up 4 full grown cows in your barn and you will be awarded with a scene of you and one of your cows.

Marriage: When you get married to the girl of your choice, you will be rewarded with a scene of you and your newlywed.

The Ladies Man: This Ending is one that takes extreme masculinity. You must have 5 hearts in all 5 of the girls diaries. In addition to that you cannot be married to any of them. Once you've accomplished this you will be rewarded with a scene of you and the 5 lucky ladies.

Reckless Abandonment: This is that "Oh So Special" ending for those who just don't care. If you can make it without any money, no animals, and zero crops; then you will abandon your farm. You may think it is easy to do, but you would have to be pretty bored to do this.

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