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Ushi No Tane
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The Mountain


The Mountain is where some villagers spend their days. You can go Fishing at the Fishing Pond, visit the Cave (mine there during the Winter), Chop Tree Stumps, Find Produce, and Visit the Spa. Time happens to fly by quickly when you are visiting the Mountain.

1. Goddess Pond: After the Earthquake, venture off into this area to speak with the Goddess. You can drop items in the Pond or drop your Axe into the pond. When you do this, the Goddess will appear. She will ask if this is your Axe. Tell her it isn't (because it really isn't) and she will reward you with a Golden Axe for telling the truth.

2. Cave: Venture off into the cave to find Herbs, mine in the Winter, and to just simply get yourself lost!

3. Carpenter's House: When you want to Upgrade your House, talk to the Head Carpenter at the Carpenter's House.

4. Fisherman's Tent: If you want to go fishing, talk to the Fisherman who will let you borrow his Fishing Rod whenever you want. Use it to fish in the Fishing Hole next to the Tent.

5. Spa: Come here to take a quick dip at the Spa when your Stamina is low. Eve is here on Sundays.

There are quite a few items available for you to pick up and either eat for Stamina Points, Sell as Produce, or Give to someone as a Gift. They can be found all over the Mountain and throughout different Seasons.

NameSeasonSell for
Wild GrapesSpring150 G
FishSpring, Summer, and Fall300 G
HerbSpring, Summer, and Fall100 G
Tropical FruitSummer150 G
MushroomFall150 G
P.MushroomFall200 G

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