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Chicken Coop The Chicken Barn is to the right side of the Cow Barn. Inside you can house four chickens. The chickens can never go outside, although you can pick them up inside the barn and set them back down. You'll be picking up the chickens a lot, especially since they get in your way when you are trying to put fodder in their food bin. Just remember that each slot in the bin (from left to right) are set aside specifically for each chicken. For example, if you have two chickens (1st and 2nd) and you put food in the two spots on the right side of the feeding bin (for chickens #3 and #4), your chickens won't get fed since they're eating from spot #1 and spot #2 in the feeding bin.

When the chickens are healthy, every day you'll have eggs. You can pick up the eggs using the A button and then toss them into the shipping bin that sits in the lower left corner. If you miss the bin, you'll end up with broken eggs and no profit. If the chickens become unhappy, you'll have to feed them for 3 days. After that time the chickens will be happy again and you'll be able to collect eggs.

If Maria gives you a bad Fortune, then your chickens won't lay eggs the next day. You don't have to wait 3 days for them to become healthy again; the eggs will return the day after you have your bad luck.

Instead of selling your eggs, you can hatch them into more chickens. Just put an egg into the incubator that sits in the lower right corner, and in a few days you'll have a baby chicken. Chicks are so small that you don't have to feed them. It takes a lot longer for a chick to grow into a chicken.

 Egg » 5 Days »  Chick » 18 Days »  Chicken

Before you can buy your first chicken, you have to have at least 5 bags of grass planted. The Animal Shop owner won't sell you a chicken until then. After that, you can buy chickens from him for 500 G a piece. If you just buy one chicken and then hatch the other three, you'll save yourself some money, but it does take time for the chicks to grow into adult chickens. If you want to sell him a chicken, go to his shop, select which one you want to sell (press UP or DOWN), and he'll pay you 500 G for it.

 Egg » 70 G
 Chick » Not for sale
 Chicken » 500 G