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Note: The Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console version of Harvest Moon GBC does not support the trade system.

Using the Gameboy Link cable, you can trade animals and seeds to another copy of Harvest Moon. First hook the Link cable to your Gameboys and then turn on your game. Inside your farm house you'll see a white telephone. Press the A button while standing next to the telephone to activate the Ranch Center.

Inside the Ranch Center you'll see sections for Cows, Chickens, Pets, and Seeds. Pick what you want to trade and then press the A button.

Ranch Center If you have a baby cow that you haven't named yet, you'll have to name it first before you can use the Ranch Center. Although if you trade the baby cow for a medium cow, it will automatically grow up and become a medium cow... very strange... You can also trade a pregnant cow. Just pick the cow you want and then confirm.

You can cancel out the trade windows by pressing the B button. Trading pets is the same way, but you don't choose which pet you want to trade since you only own 1.

Trading the seeds is the same as well, but you can only trade 1 bag of seeds at a time. Unfortunately there's no way of trading any more than that. You'll have to activate the Seed trading section of the Ranch Center for every bag of seeds you want to trade.

If you're lucky, when you're trading a Chicken you might end up with a Golden Chicken! You have a 1 in 64 chance of your chicken becoming golden. Golden Chickens lay Golden Eggs, which you can sell for a lot of G!