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Cow Barn Between the horse stall and the chicken coop you'll find the cow barn. Inside the barn you have four stalls for your cows, including a fifth that's used for pregnant cows. In the upper right corner is the bin where you pull the fodder from, the lower left has the shipping bin, and the upper left will hold the Butter and Cheese Maker when you get the chance to buy them from Ann.

Each cow will stand in front of the feeding bin it's associated with, so there's no need to worry about putting food in the right spots like with the chickens. The cows will move around inside the barn and sometimes overlap each other, making it hard to determine which cow you've milked and which one you haven't. Just leave the cow barn and then come back in to reset the cows to be in front of their feeding bins. Time doesn't pass while you're inside the barn so you can relax and take care of the cows without worry.

Before you can buy your first cow you need to have enough bags of grass planted. When you purchase your first medium-sized cow from the Animal Shop in the Village you'll receive the Cow Bell for free. The Cow Bell will help you herd your cows inside the barn so you can take them outside for a walk. You'll also need to purchase the Brush and Milker from the shopkeeper. If your cows ever become sick, he also sells medicine to make them feel mooo-rific!

Walking a cow To use the Bell, just equip it and press the A button. The cows will start walking towards the sound the bell makes and stop when they hit an obstacle such as a wall, feeding bin, or you. The general idea is to push the cow out the barn doors. You can only push 1 cow out at a time! When the cow finally goes outside, a little scene will play with you walking the cow. Walking cows makes their happiness rating grow faster, which means they'll produce Large Milk sooner than if you don't walk them. Just remember not to walk your cows when it's raining or snowing outside! Cows don't like getting wet.

Sometimes when you try to use one of your items on a cow, it will start to walk away before you get the chance to do what you wanted to do. If you see the cow have a happy face, you know that you used your item sucessfully. If you see no face, then get closer and try again. Every so often you may have to milk a cow several times because the little booger keeps moving. If it helps, you can push the cow up against something (like a wall or feeding bin) and then use the item.

Instead of buying cows from the Animal Shop, you can purchase the M. Potion instead. The potion can magically make any adult cow pregnant. After you purchase the M. Potion it will sit inside your Tool Shed. Be careful when you equip it! If you equip it and then accidentally press the A button, you'll waste your potion! Instead, after you equip the M. Potion press the Start button to switch to another tool. Then you know you won't use the potion on something you shouldn't.

When you use the M.Potion on an adult cow and it makes a happy face, the cow won't immediatly transport itself over to the mated cow stall. You have to wait until the next morning before you'll see it over there. A pregnant cow takes 21 days before it gives birth to a baby cow.

 Calf » 15 Days »  Med Cow » 23 Days »  Cow

Once a cow has become an adult, you can sell it back to the Animal Shop in the Village. The Shop Owner will give you a different price for your cow depending on the size of the milk it produces. He also won't accept cows that aren't adults. When cows are adults you can Milk them too! You're going to need a Milker of course, which you can buy from the Ann's Tool Shop for 1800 G. Once you start to ship your Milk, it will also appear in Eve's bar to purchase as a refreshing drink. Later on you can buy the Cheese and Butter Machines from Ann once you have some cows producing Large Milk. The machines are nice because any size Milk can be used in them.

 Small Milk » 150 G
 Medium Milk » 250 G
 Large Milk » 350 G
 Butter » 500 G
 Cheese » 500 G
 Calf » Not for sale
 Med Cow » Not for sale
 Cow with Small Milk » 5000 G
 Cow with Medium Milk » 8000 G
 Cow with Large Milk » 12000 G