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Every season Nina will sell different seeds for you to grow. On the first day of the new season, head to her shop and see what she's got. Most of the time she'll have 2 different kind of crop seeds you can buy except in the Winter. The Grass seed isn't available in that season. Also depending on how you named your farmer (see Winter Crops) you'll have one or two crops to buy.

Each bag of seeds covers a 3x3 square of area. To plant seeds you first have to till the soil with your hoe, then equip your seeds and press the A button. Your farmer will toss the seeds up in the air and they'll land on your tilled soil. If the seeds don't land on tilled soil they won't sprout. This also includes landing on no soil at all, so make sure you equip your seeds only when you're ready to plant and not when you're trying to milk your cow. You'll end up wasting a bag of seeds.

3x3 plot Just because you can plant a full 3x3 square with one bag of seed doesn't mean it's a good idea. A full 3x3 square of plants is easy to water with a sprinker when they're seeds, but once they begin to grow you can't step on them anymore. To water as many plants as you can, you have to walk along each side of the square and water each time. Even after all that you still can't water the one in the middle!

8 point plot To get to the one crop in the middle, you could leave a spot untilled so the seeds don't land there. Then you can walk up to the middle and water it. You also have to water the un-notched section of the plot because the Sprinkler won't reach that far. It's better then the full 3x3 crop plot since it only needs the Sprinkler twice in order to have it all watered.

U plot This style is a good one to use. You do end up losing two pieces of potential crop, but you have an easy time using the Sprinkler. Instead of having to water the top and then run around into the middle to water, you just have to run in and use the Sprinkler to water them all at once. Besides the 3x3 designs you could also plant rows, but you'll loose three squares of crop for your walkway.

It's really up to you on how you want to lay out your crop field. Even if you decide you don't like your design, you can reflatten tilled soil by throwing a rock or piece of wood on top of it. You can also use a rock to smash seeds that you've planted, but once they've grown you have to use the Sickle to destroy your plants.


Turnip Seeds 120 G » 5 Days » Turnip Turnips » 60 G
Potato Seeds 150 G » 7 Days » Potato Potatos » 80 G


 200 G » 9 Days »  Tomato » 120 G » Regrow in 2 days
300 G » 13 Days »  Corn » 150 G » Regrow in 5 days


 150 G » 5 Days »  Eggplant » 60 G
 200 G » 7 Days »  Peanut » 80 G


 300 G » 7 Days »  Carrot » 150 G
 500 G » 9 Days »  Broccoli » 150 G » Regrows in 2 days