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The Village

The Village is directly west of your Farm. Just take the exit by your farm house to get there. In the Village there are seven locations to visit. To get around just use the directional pad on your Gameboy and then press A when you're on top of the shop you want to enter. To leave a shop press the B button. Each trip to the Village will automatically take an hour of your game time, no matter how long you spend there.

Nina Flower Shop:
The first shop you'll come across is the Flower Shop. You will buy the seeds you need to grow crops with from Nina, who runs the shop. Every season she'll have different kinds of seeds you can grow. During the Winter she'll have different types of seeds depending on how your named your farmer at the beginning of the game. See the Winter Crops section for more details.

 Spring » Turnip »120 G
 Spring »Potato »150 G
 Sp/Sum/Fall »Grass »500 G
 Summer »Tomato »200 G
 Summer »Corn »300 G
 Fall »Eggplant »150 G
 Fall »Peanut »200 G
 Winter »Carrot »300 G
 Winter »Broccoli »500 G

Eve Juice Bar:
The Juice Bar opens at 6pm and closes at midnight. The bar is the only place in the Village where you can buy liquid food. Eve runs the bar and she'll sell you sets of juice drinks for your meals. Some of her drinks you consume right after purchase, but others you take back to your inventory for your daily meals. Some of her items won't be available until after the Grape Juice Gift event.

 Orange Juice » 1 for 300 G
 Apple Juice » 1 for 500 G
 Wild Grape Juice » 10 for 300 G
 Green Tea » 10 for 200 G
 Milk » 10 for 100 G

Carpenter Carpenter:
When you're ready for a larger farm house, visit the Carpenter at his shop. He'll build you a larger house for a price. Carpenter will build you a "Deluxe Wood House" and then he'll build a "Super-Deluxe Wood House." You won't have enough wood on your farm for the Super-Deluxe during your first year, so he also sells extra wood in packs of 50.

 Material » 500 G » 50 pieces
 Home Expansion 1 » 2500 G » Need 100 pieces
 Home Expansion 2 » 5000 G » Need 300 pieces

Maria Church:
Maria is in charge of the Village church. Go visit her during the day to have her tell your fortune and pray to the Harvest Goddess. Sometimes when you pray the Goddess will hear you and make an appearance to bless your cow. It's totally random when the Goddess will appear; I've had her bless one of my cows when it was only my 3rd day of being a farmer and I didn't even own any cows yet.

Ann Tool Shop:
There isn't a whole lot of items for sale here, but Ann will sell you equipment that help you on the farm. She will also upgrade your Watering Can (see events section) and have it available in her shop to buy. In your second year she'll have the Cheese and Butter Maker for sale. Once you purchase all her items the shop will be empty. You can still visit her but she'll just boot you out of her shop with a "See you later."

 Sprinkler »2000 G
 Brush »800 G
 Milker »1800 G
 Saddlebags »2500 G
 Cheese Maker »30000 G
 Butter Maker »30000 G

The Cook Restaurant:
The owner of the Restaurant is Ellen and she sells the food you need to regain your stamina. Ellen's shop is open from 8am to 6pm. The Cake and Lunch Box are consumed right after you purchase them while the other 3 are stored at your farm.

 Cake » 1 for 300 G
 Lunch Box » 1 for 500 G
 Croissant » 10 for 300 G
 Rice Ball » 10 for 200 G
 Meat Dumpling » 10 for 100 G

 Animal Shop:
Before you can purchase any animals, you have to have fodder stored in your Silo. Once you've planted grass and harvested it, the Shop owner will allow you to buy animals from him. When you buy your first cow he'll give you a free Cow Bell that will allow you to take your cows out for a walk on sunny days. Whenever you sell an animal back to him, he scolds you and asks that you don't do it again, but you can still continue to do so.

 Cow »5000 G
 Chicken »500 G
 Cow Feed »700 G
 Chicken Feed »500 G
 Cow Medicine »1000 G
 M. Potion »4000 G