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Winning the game

On the 30th of Winter, Grandpa's Spirit will return to the farm and give you an evaluation. He will tell you...

Grandpa's Spirit
  • number of chickens you own
  • number of cows you own
  • amount of soil you have cultivated
  • the total amount of crops you've shipped
  • type of house you own
  • maximum cow affection rate
  • amount of money
  • your happiness rating
  • and the number of Power Berries you've eaten.

If you've met his strict guidelines to becoming a Ranch Master, Grandpa will give you a gift. If not, he'll simply enlarge the size of your farm so you have more work to do. Thanks Grandpa...

Once he finishes your evaluation, you'll appear back inside your farmhouse and it will automatically become the 1st day of Spring. You won't have fed your animals on the 30th due to Grandpa's Spirit popping in, but on the 1st your animals will still be happy as though you did feed them.

To become a Ranch Master you have to have four adults of each animal, cultivate 1600 pieces of soil, ship 4500 items, own the Super-Deluxe Wood House, earned 65536 gold, have a 250 happiness rating, and eaten at least six Power Berries. That's a lot of work! Once you meet Grandpa's goal though he'll give you some good items to help you on the farm.

 Fishing Rod »Use it in the Goddess' pond, sell the fish for 300 G each.
 Pickax »Smash the rocks in the west room of the Sprite's cave to find a Power Berry.
 Umbrella »Makes it rain the next day so you don't have to water the crops