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Free Horse:
On the 10th of Spring a baby horse will appear at your farm's gate. It is lost and needs you to take care of it. After you name the horse it will live on your farm. A season later (10th of Summer) your horse will have become an adult. You can now purchase the Saddlebags from Ann and use him as a traveling Shipping Bin.

The 13th of Spring Watering Can upgrade:
When you wake up in the morning after you have used your hoe 200 times to till soil, Ann will be waiting for you. She says she can upgrade your Watering Can into a Sprinkler, but it will take her 7 days to do it. Luckily Ann doesn't take away your Watering Can in order to do the conversion, so you can still water your crops with the old one while she works. After 7 days go to her shop and she'll have it on sale for 2000 G. Once you purchase the Sprinkler you'll lose your Watering Can.

Sickle upgrade:
When you go to talk to one of the Harvest Sprites after you have harvested your first crop of Grass, he might ask you if your Sickle is sharp enough. If you answer "No" then he'll tell you that you're probably not using your tool correctly. If you answer "Yes" then the Sprite will be happy since he was the one who created the Sickle. He asks that you return it to him so he can make it better. He wants you to return to him in 12 real time hours. Turn on the Timer feature (press SELECT twice to see it) so the Sprites help you, then turn off your Gameboy. When you go back to your game the Sickle will be sitting on the bench inside your Tool Shed.

If you tell the sprite "No," he will ask you again later if you give him something to eat and talk to him when standing in front of him rather than to his side.

Hoe upgrade:
The upgrade to the Hoe is pretty much the same as the Sickle. Talk to one of the Harvest Sprites and he'll ask if your Hoe plows well. If you say "Yes" he'll be happy because he made it but he wants to borrow it so he can make it better. He asks that you come back in 24 hours to retrieve your new Hoe. He wants you to return in 24 real time hours, just like he wanted you to return when he upgraded your Hoe. Do the Timer-thing again.

Sprint Picnic Spring Picnic:
On the morning of the 27th, Nina will ask if they can have a picnic on your farm. Tell her "Yes" and on the morning of the 28th you'll be invited to go with them. Maria, Nina, and Ellen will take you out to your field. Nina wishes that Ann and Eve could of gone. Once you're done talking to all the girls, the picnic will be over and you'll be back inside your farm house. The time will be 6pm so don't forget to feed your animals before you go to bed!

Egg Girl:
After you have owned a chicken for a while, a little girl will come visit you one day. Her grandma sent her to the farm to purchase an egg. If you allow her to gather an egg, she'll pay you 75 G for it, which is more then what an egg sells for to the Shipper. Unfortunately the girl comes back a few days later, tells you she paid too much for the egg, and asks for her 5 G in change.

The Earthquake Earthquake / Ax upgrade:
Sometimes in Summer an earthquake will occur. The Carpenter will come by and ask if you're alright and suggests that you check your farm to make sure there wasn't any damage. Head into the Harvest Sprite cave and you'll discover a rock has fallen on top of one of the Sprites! Break the rock with your Hammer to free the Sprite, then check out the underground lake. The boulder that was blocking access to the lake is gone. Since the sign tells you to not throw in your tools, go ahead and grab your Ax to toss in the lake anyway. The Harvest Goddess will appear and ask if you dropped your Golden Ax into the lake. Tell her "No" (since you didn't own a Golden Ax) and she'll praise you for being so honest. In exchange she'll give you the Golden Ax, which allows you to break up tree stumps with one hit.

Summer Night:
Summer is the hottest time of year. On the 20th of Summer, Ann and Eve might come by your farm at 6pm and invite you to enjoy the cooler night with them. The three of you head out to do some star viewing. After talking to each one of the girls you'll appear back at your farmhouse at 9pm.

Hurricane Bob:
During the Summer, Bob will blow in from the coast. When Bob's blowing outside, you're stuck in your farmhouse all day. Your animals won't be fed and you won't be able to harvest any of your crops. Your crops will be fine the next day, but your animals will need a few days of care before they'll produce milk and eggs again.

Nina's lost bird Lost bird:
Ellen will greet you at the gate one morning and ask you to find her lost bird. Agree to help her and she'll ask that you let her know if you find it. Check out the sign post next to your grain silo and you'll see a little bird sitting on top. Press the A button while facing the bird and Ellen will arrive. It appears as though the bird would love to be free instead of in a cage, so Ellen decides to not recapture it. She'll thank you for finding her bird and then leaves.

Hammer upgrade:
When you have saved up enough G, go to the Carpenter's shop and ask for your house to be upgraded. The Carpenter will come the next morning and require you to have 100 pieces of wood and 2500 G. If you agree to his price, he'll have your farmhouse upgraded in 3 days. When he comes by to tell you that you now own a "Deluxe Wood House," he'll give you the Super Hammer for free.

Grape Juice Gift:
One morning Eve will be waiting for you outside. She'll give you a new drink to try called Wild Grape Juice. Then she leaves. Visit the Juice Bar at night and you'll notice she now sells the Wild Grape Juice. The next time she comes to your farm and gives you some juice she'll have Apple Juice available to buy at her bar. Also once your cows begin to produce milk she'll have that for sale too.

Moonlight festival Moonlight night:
At 6pm on the 24th of Winter, you'll be invited to watch the moon with the rest of the girls in the village. They're all excited about the upcoming Spring season. Ellen even feeds you cake! After you talk with Eve the event will be over and you'll reappear in your farmhouse at 9pm.

New Years day:
On the 1st of Spring after your Grandpa's evaluation on the 30th of Winter, Maria will come visit and wish you a Happy New Year.

Lost Nina Find Nina:
Maria will come to your home and tell you that she can't find Nina. Apparently Nina didn't come home yesterday and she's worried. Maria asks if you will help her find Nina. Maria heads back to the Village to look at Nina's home again and she asks that you look around your farm. Go into the Harvest Sprite cave (via your tool shed) and Nina will be there. It seems like she's been a little loopy in the head because she believes that she's been picking flowers inside the cave and playing with the Sprites. Nina thought she had been gone only for an hour and didn't realize she's been missing for a whole day! She apologizes and decides to return home. After you find her you'll appear back inside your farm house and it will be 6pm.