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If you've a question about the game, feel free to send me an email. Make sure you type your email address correctly or the answer to your question won't reach your inbox. Likewise, I have seen some web-based email providers filter question responses into the spam, junk mail, or social folders, so if you don't see your response within two days or so, check those folders if you're using that type of email service.

When sending in a correction, information about a JP->EN name change, or link to a Miiverse screenshot, please let me know what Fogu site page you're asking about. It will help me a lot :)

You may also utilize the UNoT Helper Chat on the website. If I am online, you can send your question that way and get an quick response. If you don't see the cow icon up above, your web browser may be blocking scripts from Olark; simply enable scripts from and, and you'll be able to use the direct chat to me if I'm online.

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Online Communities

XSeed Games has a link to the Marvelous USA forum on their website. This is the official message board for the Story of Seasons game series:

There is also a large farming community forum on the Fogu website. Other players of the game can respond to your questions. No registration is required:

Common Questions

How do I unlock the Trade Depot vendors?

Silk Country will be available from the beginning of the game. Cabin Country unlocks Summer of year 1 once you've shipped 100,000 G worth of goods. Sakura Country unlocks Fall of year 1 once you've shipped 200,000 G worth of goods. Komugi Country unlocks after Sakura Country and once you've shipped 500,000 G worth of goods. Rose Country is after Sakura Country once you've shipped 1,000,000 G worth of goods.

Tropical Country and Ice Country require you to ship a certain number of items and have shipped at least 3,000,000 G worth of goods from a specific category. The numbers will vary depending on if you are playing Original mode or Seedling mode:

Ice Country

Tropical Country

How do I get married?

Give gifts to raise the person's flower color, see the person's first two flower events at white and purple colors, and then construct a Ring using your Sewing Shed to give to the person. After the person accepts your ring, keep raising the flower color with gifts until you see the purple, yellow, and pink colors. Once you reach a red flower color, make sure you've upgraded your farm house at least twice, and then buy the Blue Feather from Otmar's shop to give to your sweetie.

How do I unlock farm animals?

You must unlock them by going through the game yourself; using the Nintendo Network to get high-level animal products or eggs to hatch is not permitted.

Cows and Chickens are at the beginning of the game, but you'll need to buy the Poultry Barn blueprint and construct the barn for chickens. Sheep are Summer of year 1, and Angora Rabbits are Fall of year 1. Jersey Cows, Alpaca, and Suffolk Sheep are Spring of year 2, and Silkie Chickens are Fall of year 2. Brown Alpaca, Angora Goats, and Black Angora Rabbits are Spring of year 3, and Llama is Fall of year 3. Zebu Cows, Camels, and Araucana Chickens are Spring of year 4.