Managing Your Farm

Veronica will assign a run-down farm for you to manage. With time, she hopes that you will be able to develop the land into a profitable farm. To do so, you'll raise animals and grow crops to sell at the international Trade Depot.

Your Farm House

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After you go through Eda's week-long tutorial, Veronica will assign you to the farm next door to Eda's. Your farm house is where you'll sleep at night, change your character style options (hair color, clothing, etc.), store your extra farm tools and items, cook meals, and even control the layout of the objects on your farm.

A feature of the farm house is the Craft Table. This area is where you will use construction blueprints to make new objects such as barns, farm house wallpaper and carpet, tools, and a variety of different items.


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Once you pass her training, Eda will stop by your house to gift you with your first farm animal. From then on it'll be up to you to buy or breed additional animals for your herds. To be able to buy chickens, you will need to use the Craft Table to build a Coop; the basic Coop blueprint can be bought from the Silk Country vendor at the Trade Depot for 30,000 G.

The remaining animal species must be unlocked as you proceed through the game, by unlocking Trade Depot vendors and going through the required number of years. There isn't a way to unlock animals before you've reached the year in which they become available. You can't even use the wifi connection system to trade Silkie or Araucana eggs to hatch them on your farm.


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Each season there will be different kinds of plants you can grow that will produce items you can sell to the Trade Depot, give as gifts, cook in your kitchen, or even eat to restore stamina. There are a wide variety of crops you can grow each season, and some crops can be grown all year long. Building and placing a Greenhouse on your farm will allow you to grow crops within its protected walls where the seasonal environment would typically limit what you can grow.

The public fields close to your farm can be used to grow crops at a faster rate than if you planted the same crops on your own farm. You'll need to win the rights to use these fields by participating in Conquest contests at the Oak Tree Town Guild Hall.

The Maker Sheds

On your farm you can construct buildings to process your raw materials into other objects. The blueprints for the sheds can be purchased from the vendors at the Trade Depot. Once you construct a shed, place it on your farm space to use its special abilities. You can also build more than one of the same shed if you need additional room.