Maker Shed Basics

On your farm you can build several outhouses that can process your farm goods into other products. The maker sheds can be constructed and placed on your farm to do different tasks such as turning milk into cheese, crops into seeds, wool into fabric, and a variety of other options. There are six sheds you can build, and they must be placed on your farm to use them as product converters. They can't be used if you simply having them in your object inventory. Each blueprint is for sale at the Trade Depot once you've unlocked the vendor that sells it.

Sewing Studio
Yarn, Jewelry, and Clothes
Silk Country, 40,000 G

Pottery Studio
Cups, Platters, and Pots
Sakura Country, 40,000 G

Syrup and Wine
Rose Country, 40,000 G

Seed Maker
Fertilizer and Seeds
Silk Country, 40,000 G

Spice Factory
Spices, Soy, and Flour
Wheat Country, 40,000 G

Cheese Factory
Cheese and Mayonnaise
Cabin Country, 40,000 G

You can construct more than one of each maker shed. Duplicate sheds are independent of each other, so for example you can use up all of the available space in one Cheese Factory for converting milk into cheese, and then do the same thing in a second Cheese Factory without having to wait for all of the items in the first Cheese Factory to process.

Using The Sheds

Inside of each maker shed you'll find several machine stations. Each of these stations will make different items based on the theme of the shed. Often you'll start processing your items at one station and end up finishing the items at another station within the same shed.

screen shot

Each item you can process inside of a machine station will take a certain amount of time. Typically, the more complex the manufactured item, the longer it will take to finish processing. The machines in the sheds can hold up to 30 stacks of items at once, with up to 30 items in each stack. This may seem great, but the process time is based on the number of items in the stack. The more items on a stack, the longer it will take to finish processing all of the items.

For example, let's say you want to turn 20 Milk into 20 Green Cheese at the Kettle inside the Cheese Factory. It will take 35 in-game minutes to turn a Milk into Green Cheese. You can:

  1. put all 20 Milk into the Kettle as one stack, and every 35 minutes a Green Cheese will result. Total processing time will be 11 hours and 34 minutes; or
  2. put each Milk into the Kettle one at a time, so you have 20 stacks of 1 Milk. In 35 minutes all 20 Milk will be Green Cheese.

Naturally it makes more sense to put each item into a machine individually instead of a full stack, but it does take more of your time to add each one at a time. The in-game clock does not move forward while you are working in a machine's menu, but it will take your real time to keep pressing A over and over to put your items into the machine. It really depends on how much free time you have or if you'd rather just throw the stack into the machine and be done with it.

Shortening the Processing Time

Placing specific decorative objects together on your farm can trigger a combo that will decrease the time required to process your goods! The items do not need to be physically touching each other to trigger the combo, and they can be placed in either space on your farm (e.g., half of the objects can be on your main farm and the other half on your west farm area). Putting the objects out in the spaces around Oak Tree Town do not count towards your maker shed decorative combination; they all must be placed on your farm.

The six objects required to be placed out for a combination take up a lot of space, and there are a combination specifically for each of the six maker sheds.

Star Rank

The Star Rank of the resulting processed item will be the same as the Star Rank of the item you placed into the machine (with some exceptions, see below). If you're trying to increase the Star Rank of your crops, then you will be using the Seed Maker to convert leveled up crops back into seeds for planting.

There is also a object combination that will increase the Star Rank of the processed items by 20%. Only four of the maker sheds have a Star Rank combination pattern, since the Pottery Studio and the Sewing Studio have machines within them that strip the Star Rank of the processed items.