Non-Farming Activities

Besides managing the crops and animals on your farm, you can participate in other activities around Oak Tree Town. You can run around and catch critters to sell, go mining at the Safari park, jump into the rivers to pick up goodies, and even go fishing. You can also spend the time collecting all of the blueprints and clothing patterns that are available in the game.

Character Customization

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The Clothing Closet is found inside of your farm house. When you have the Decent farm house built, you'll find the closet in the back of your house. After you have upgraded to the Big Farm House, it will move to the west-side of the house. You can change your character's facial features, hair style, clothes, hats, and accessories whenever you want.

The Sewing Studio is the building you'll use to craft your clothing and accessory options. Some of them can be bought directly from vendors, but you'll be making most of them using the patterns you can buy from vendors or win from festivals. Some outfits and accessories are preferred by villagers, and they will comment on how they like what you're wearing. Getting a positive comment about your fashion sense can earn you a bonus +100 FP with the villager.

The Craft Table

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The long table inside your house has two functions: either to Build objects using blueprints or Edit your farm yard or farm house interior. The table will be given to you by Gunther when you upgrade your house for the first time. You'll use it to upgrade your house and farm tools, build barns, craft decorative objects, and rearrange the layout your farm. Gunther will also give you a Mini Craft Table that always sits next to your bed and allows access to Edit or view your constructed objects, but you can't use it to build anything.

In total, there are a little more than 900 blueprints you can collect.


There is only one mining point in the game, and it is not an actual tunnel mine. This spot is a crack in the wall within the Safari park. Once you gain access to the Safari by visiting the Guild Hall starting in Fall of year 1, you can visit the Safari and hit this node with your Hammer to obtain ores and gems.

Water-Related Activities

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There area several waterways around Oak Tree Town that you can explore. Each area has a dock you can dive off of or go fishing from, and one area has a spot where you can raise your own fish using a fish hatchery basket. Diving and fishing use up some stamina, but the profit earned from the items obtained are worth it.

At the beginning seasons of the game, the diving areas are the only way to obtain Iron, Copper, and Brick needed to construct various important tools and buildings.


Inside your farm house you can build and place a kitchen. This can be used to process your crops and dairy into cooked dishes, which can then be sold for profit, used to complete special shipping requests from the Trade Depot vendors, or given to villagers as gifts. You will need to own the cooking recipe before you can craft the dish.

It is important to buy the Basic Recipe sets when you see them, as many of the recipes won't appear as festival prizes or for sale at the Trade Depot until you own the basic recipes for each category.

Gift Wrapping

You'll be giving gifts to villagers to raise their friendship levels, but you can earn additional Friendship Points if you take the time to wrap the gift you're giving. Each villager has favorite colors that you can leverage to your benefit.

Critters and Wild Animals

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If you're in need of some quick cash, you can chase after and catch the insects and frogs that bounce around the wild areas outside of Oak Tree Town. You don't need to own a net to catch these, nor do you need to sneak up on an insect to ensure it doesn't fly away before you can snag it. Just walk near the insect and press the A button. Different bugs will be out during different weather patterns and seasons.

There are also a variety of wild animals who live in the forest and in the Safari park. You can feed these animals by throwing food onto the ground (this does not count as littering). Eventually, you'll be able to hand-feed the wildlife. There are also a variety of exotic animals that you can unlock for the Safari. None of these wild animals can move to your farm, but you may receive a reward once you raise your friendship high enough.