Starting Out and Basic Game Information

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If you've never played a farming simulation game before, it is pretty easy to get the hang of things. When you first arrive in Oak Tree Town, Veronica will send you on an internship with Eda, a long-time residence of the area. Eda will show you how to plant and water crops, take care of animals, and various other tidbits you'll want to know. This farming internship will last for 7 days, after which Veronica will assign you to your own farm that's adjacent to Eda's farm.

If you need a review of any of the things that Eda and Veronica, check out the following pages:

If you ever forget how to do something in the game, the Bookshelf inside of your farm house will contain notebooks with information on how to play the game.

If you ever manage to unlock all seven Trade Depot vendors, and you want to start over again, wait until after you see the ending scene from Veronica and the vendors. When starting a new game from the title screen, and after selecting your character profile choices, you will be given the option to start out with a bonus. This new game plus feature will let you choose to either 1) start your new game with 50,000 G, 2) have 10,000 Friendship Points with all of the villagers, or 3) nothing at all.