The Economy of Oak Tree Town

To efficiently run your farm, you will need to buy supplies. There are a variety of shops that you can go to for purchasing seeds, blueprints, cooking supplies and recipes, sewing patterns, and anything else that you might need to take care of your farm.

Since this game doesn't have a shipping bin to place, you'll be make money by selling your farm products to the Trade Depot.

Town Shops

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There are several shops in Oak Tree Town that are managed by the local residents. These shops are available from the start of the game, and don't require you to do anything special to unlock them. The shops' inventory can change from season to season, or based on what things you have shipped through the international Trade Depot.

Trade Depot

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In the southeast corner of Oak Tree Town is the Trade Depot, a place where a variety of international traders set up shop on a regular basis, from 9:00 until 21:00. When you first start your farming adventure, the Trade Depot is not a popular place. There's only one vendor that shows up! As you work on developing and selling the goods that you produce, more vendors will appear. You can see the vendor appearance schedule on the Calendar inside your farm house.

Since there is not a shipping bin to send your goods off to sale, you have to rely on the vendors to purchase your items. Sometimes the vendors will pay more for items, sometimes less. Talk to Jonas at the Information Booth at the entrance to the Trade Depot to see what category of items the vendors are paying a higher price for. The Information Booth also will notify you of special shipping requests that you can sign up for, which will reward you with money, blueprints, clothing patterns, construction materials, and other goodies.

The Guild Hall

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Between the town's Inn and Restaurant is the Guild Hall. Veronica acts as the guild master, a sort-of town mayor position, and manages the Conquest competitions, trips to the Safari with your animals, and the StreetPass functionality. She also is MC of village festivals, the Trade Depot, and various other activities that take place in Oak Tree Town. Veronica has a lot of responsibilities.

You'll find Veronica behind the counter in the Guild Hall every day between 9:00 am and 17:00, except on days where there is a festival that takes place at the Trade Depot; she'll be there, managing the set up and contestant entries. When you talk to her at the Guide Hall, she'll give you various options you can select from.

Traveling Salespersons

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Besides the town shops and the Trade Depot, there are three traveling salespersons who will appear when you exit your farm house. Dmitri, Rainer, and Susanne have their own inventories and will offer to you ONE of their item choices. You don't get a choice of what they offer for sale, but you can choose to purchase the item or decline the person's offer.

You will start to receive solicitations in Fall of year 2. Each visit will be between 20 and 60 days apart; the more time that elapses since your last visit, the greater the chance that a salesperson will appear when you exit your house between 14:00 and 18:00.