Festivals & Events

To break up the monotomy of daily farming, there are a variety of events you can participate in. Some will happen on specific days every year, while some are randomly occuring and can only be viewed once. Events are always fun!

Yearly Festivals

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Every season there will be contests and gatherings you can participate in. Contest-based festivals will have three other competitors who will be trying for first place. Winning these types of festivals will reward you with prizes such as blueprints and cooking recipes. Gathering-based festivals will typically involve the villagers meeting together to celebrate some sort of event.

You will earn friendship with the villagers for participating in the town festivals, but for contest festivals you won't earn friendship with the five Nature Sprites, Dessies, or Witchie. These magical villagers don't attend any of the judging contests, so you can't earn friendship with them for these types of festivals.

Rivalry Events

You aren't the only person in Oak Tree Town who has a farm. There are four other rivals who you can see events with. These rivalry events require you to have some friendship with the rival and a certain amount of Reputation points. You can earn Reputation by participating in a rivalry field competition (+10), winning a rivalry field competition (+100), losing a competition or negotiation (+60), or by give up a rivalry field when asked to by a rival (+100). You'll earn Reputation with the rivals involved in the field contests.

You can also earn Reputation with all of the rivals by shipping at the Trade Depot once per day (+10), increasing your brand by winning festivals (+10), or unlocking a new vendor at the Trade Depot (+100).

If you plan on marrying Elise, you must complete her five rivalry events before you can view her flower events. Eda's events cannot be seen beyond Winter of year 1.

Random Events

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As you increase your friendship with the villagers, you can trigger special random events. These events can give you background on the characters or are simply for amusement. Random events are viewed once and then cannot be triggered again.

Flower Events

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Marriage candidates have flower events that you must view before you can marry the person. There is a flower event when a candidate is at a white flower color and at a purple flower color; for Elise, hers are at blue and green.

The candidates each have four love-related event, but you can only see the last two events if you commit yourself to the person by giving him or her a Ring. After a ring exchange, you can see the person's last two flower events, yet you can only see your significant other's flower events and not the events for the remaining candidates. If you decide that you don't want to go steady with the person you gave the ring to, you will have to go through the steps to break up with him or her.