Rival Farmer Events

Field Expansion

screen shot

» Walk into Fritz/Georgio farm area
» 8:00 am to 2:00 pm
» Not Wednesday
» Sunny weather
» Fritz has 4000 FP or more
» Fritz is not married
» Your Reputation with Fritz is 1200 points or more
» You have seen Fishing Introduction

Fritz asks if you've come to steal his farming techniques. At the moment he is busy expanding his field, and since he aspires to be the best rancher in the entire world, he needs to have a larger field. Problem is, Fritz isn't exactly sure how to do that. He suddenly gets another one of his great ideas and asks if you know how to make the field bigger. Yep, it is decided! He runs off and you follow behind him.

He shows you where he wants to expand his field area, but he doesn't know what to do. Fritz asks you how should he go about getting started. You look around and suggest that near the watering spigot would be the most convenient place to make the field larger. Fritz has several spots with nearby watering holes that would work and asks what he needs to do to start. You explain how it works to him. Fritz says your explanation makes it seem simple enough, but he still has his doubts. Looks like you just volunteered to show him how to do it.

The two of you head to a spot on his farm to make crop spaces, and you till up a space while he watches. Fritz give it a try too, and after some time the two of you have made a lot of crop plots to plant in. Fritz is very happy that he has more space to grow crops with. He thanks you for the help you've given him. As a reward, he invites you to have tea with him. Fritz is glad he consulted with you about this, and if you ever get into trouble, he pledges to give you a hand. Even though you're rivals to be the greatest farmer, it is also important to be great friends.

Result: +100 FP with Fritz, and you'll reach max reputation with him