Farm Inspection 3

screen shot

» Walk out of your house in the morning
» Monday through Saturday
» Sunny weather
» Elise has 5000 FP or more
» Your Reputation with Elise is 2000 points or more
» You have three or more cows (normal, Jersey, or Zebu)
» You are not married or going steady with Elise
» You have completed Cow Birth

Elise has stopped by for another inspection, and this time requests to watch you interact with your cow. You show her to the barn, where she watches you brush your cow. Elise asks if that was the way you connect with your animals as friends.

The cow turns its attention towards Elise, who doesn't really know what to do next! You suggest that she pet the cow. Elise admits that she doesn't really know how to do that. The cow continues to insist, and Elise is afraid that it'll bite her, but she gives it a try. The cow likes it, and Elise is surprised that she was able to do it. She wonders if all cows are like this.

Elise suddenly realizes that she's enjoying herself too much, and announces that she hasn't inspected your cow yet. She admits that she does find it a little bit cute... but in general your cows are nothing special! But, since your cow is unexpectedly cute, at least you have that in your favor. Anyway, Elise thanks you for talking with her.

After this event ends, you'll be at the maximum Reputation level with Elise.