Rival Farmer Events

Fishing Introduction

screen shot

» Go fishing at the dock by the bridge
» 8:00 am to 2:00 pm
» Not Wednesday
» Sunny weather
» Fritz has 3000 FP or more
» Fritz is not married
» Your Reputation with Fritz is 800 points or more
» You have seen A Helping Hand

This event triggers after you reel in a fish when fishing off of the dock. The type of fishing pole you use won't matter.

Fritz noticed that you are fishing. It must be fate that brought him here, as he can teach you how to go fishing! He starts explaining how to face the water on the pier, then cast your fishing line. When you see the float sink, then reel in what you've caught. It is hard to pull up big fish! Then, the fish goes into your bag, but you can also put it in your refrigerator.

Fritz is a fishing master, so you should learn from his beneficial advice. Now, you can give him the fish that you just caught as payment for his tutoring!