Rival Farmer Events

Giorgio's Request

screen shot » Exit your farm house
» 6:00 to 17:00
» Not Sunday
» Sunny weather
» Giorgio has 5000 FP or more
» Your Reputation with Giorgio is 1800 points or more
» You have seen Comparing Flowers

Giorgio is just stopping by to see your farm, but he is a little disappointed since there aren't any great fields of flowers. He gets an idea; his fields are currently full, yet he wants a new flower. Giorgio would like you to grow it for him. He would like a Carnation, but the the seed can be difficult to obtain. Before he can research a new type of field to grow it in, he would like to see it grown normally. Giorgio doesn't want you to use the Greenhouse or any other special equipment that you might have, and he doesn't want to hear how impossible it'll be.

His other requirement is that you grow it and then leave it unharvested. Giorgio wishes to see the flower blooming in the field.

Carnations are a flower crop that grows during the Spring season. The seeds are for sale at the Rose Country vendor at the Trade Depot when you reach Spring of year 2. You will have to grow it on your own farm, as he doesn't want to see it growing in the flower rivalry field or inside your Greenhouse or Ferris Wheel.

The flower takes between 10 and 14 days to grow. Once you have a mature field of Carnation on your farm, Giorgio will stop by your farm when the weather is sunny. If your flowers mature on a rainy day, do not pick them; leave them planted until you have a sunny day.

In the moring, Giorgio will stop by to review your work. The amount of friendship you earn with him will depend on the Star Rank of the seeds you planted:

After his Carnation review, you'll have max reputation with Giorgio.