Here to Help

screen shot

» Walk into Eda's house
» 13:00 to 15:00
» Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday
» It is before Winter of year 1
» Sunny weather
» Eda has 1000 FP or more
» You have at least 150 reputation with Eda

Eda is glad you've come to visit, and invites you to have a seat and some tea with her. The two of you are relaxing when you hear a sudden shout! Fritz has announced that he's going to take care of her chickens, and ask if you are here to help too. Looks like he's going to leave the tea drinking to you, and cheerfully leaves to care for the chickens. After he's gone, Eda worries about how he's going to take care of her poultry. The two of you hear some clucking and shouting outside, and Eda asks you to go check on it.

Outside, Fritz is trying to coax the chicken to go back into the coop, although he's not having much luck. He gets an idea though! Fritz explains that he promised to drink tea with Eda today and asks that you get the chicken to go into the coop. Before you can say anything, Fritz runs off and leaves you to handle the chicken problem.

When you return to Eda's house, Fritz is drinking tea. He asks if you were able to get the chicken into the coop, which you grudengly did (no thanks to him). Eda can tell that you're a bit bothered, and Fritz quickly excuses himeself. He'll come by again to help though!

After he leaves, Eda senses that something isn't right.