What a Farmer Should Be

screen shot

» Wake up in the morning
» 6:00 am
» Any day of the week
» Any weather
» Winter of year 2 or later
» Elise has 20,000 FP or more
» You have seen Farm Inspection 3

In the morning you'll be greeted by two of Elise's maids. The other day Elise had to fire her cow supervisor and now there's no one to care of her cows. Elise decided to take care of the herd on her own, but because she doesn't have any experience with cows, one of them has fallen ill. Elise has been trying to nurse it back to health, but it has yet to recover. The maids are worried that if this keeps going, Elise will become sick too. You agree to go with the maids.

Inside the animal barn, Elise is very stressed. She doesn't understand why the cow won't recover, but she is determined to not give up. Elise pleads with the cow to let her help. You and the maids soon arrive, and after some petting from you, the cow throws up. It turns out the cow had been eating garbage! Neither Elise nor the maids had realized that's what made the cow sick. Elise is so overwhelmed that she faints.

You help the maids carry Elise to her room to let her rest. Outside the room, the maids thank you for your help. You really are a great support for their master. Elise leaves her room, to the objection from her maids, because she wants to speak with you for a moment. She wants to properly thank you for helping her with her farm's cow. She realizes that she's inexperienced. Up until now she's always had employees take care of things, and she feels that she's been a ranch master in name only. Her cows are suffering for it, and she's needed to get help from you. Elise is sad because it doesn't seem like she can do anything by herself, and she didn't understand that managing a farm was her responsibility.

Starting today, she is going to rely less on her employees and use her own abilities to manage the farm. If she's serious enough, you can watch her become a ranch master! Oh ho ho ho ho!!

If you are playing as a boy, after seeing this event you can view Elise's flower events and start courting her for marriage. If you are playing as a girl, you won't trigger her love events of course, but you will have completed the rivalry event chain.