Rival Farmer Events

Giorgio's Troubles

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» Walk from the Piedmont area to the Fritz/Giorgio farm area
» 10:00 to 17:00
» Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday
» Sunny weather
» Giorgio has 3000 FP or more
» Your Reputation with Giorgio is 800 points or more
» Marian has 2000 FP or more

You see Giorgio gloating over all the beautiful flowers that he's grown on his farm. They must be yearning to be as beautiful as he is. Giorgio seems bothered though; with all of this beauty surrounding him, the flowers don't appear to heal his spirit. You finally let him know that you're there. Giorgio just tells you that he was simply thinking about something.... but now he feels dizzy. Could you please call for the doctor? Giorgio then passes out!

You and Marian carry him to bed. When he comes to, Giorgio is confused, but Marian tells him not to worry; Giorgio was simply having a bad dream. The farmer just lays brooding in his bed, and doesn't think you guys would understand his troubles. Giorgio asks if you think the flowers he grows are as beautiful as he, which is kind of a strange question! Marian asks your opinion.

Giorgio begins to complain how he's not as beautiful as the flowers! Now Marian is annoyed, and reminds him that the flowers may appear to be beautiful, but beauty comes from within. Giorgio understands what Marian is trying to tell him, but he'd rather stick with the appearance of beauty. Marian tells him not to bother with it anymore, as it is bad for his self-confidence.

How is that possible? Giorgio feels that there is nothing more beautiful than he is! Sounds like Giorgio is feeling better. You and Marian leave to he can rest.