Rival Farmer Events

Comparing Flowers

screen shot

» Walk from the Piedmont area area to the Fritz/Giorgio farm area
» 10:00 to 13:00, or 14:40 to 17:00
» Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday
» Sunny weather
» Giorgio has 4000 FP or more
» Your Reputation with Giorgio is 1500 points or more
» Giorgio is out in his fields (not inside his house)
» You have seen Giorgio's Best Flowers

Giorgio has been waiting for you at the gate to his farm, and asks if you brought the flower to show him. You'll then be prompted to select a flower from your bag. The Star Rank of the flower you give to him will determine how much friendship you gain:

Giorgio will take your flower into his house, where he will walk around the table looking at your plant. He'll then give his opinion on what you've brought to him. Giorgio will tell you that the hard work you put into your flower was worth it (5 stars), that it is too early to compare your flowers to his (2.5 to 4.5 stars), or be absolutely dissapointed at the flower that you brought him (2 stars or less).

You will get the flower back in your bag after the event is over.