Eda's Son

screen shot

» Walk into Eda's house
» 13:00 to 15:30 (not Saturday), or 17:00 to 21:30 (any day)
» Any day of the week
» It is before Winter of year 1
» Sunny weather
» Eda has 3000 FP or more
» You have at least 300 reputation with Eda
» You have seen Here to Help

When you walk in to visit Eda, it sounds like she is talking to someone. It turns out that Eda is talking to a picture in her bedroom. She explains that she was talking to the picture of her son, and she shows you his picture. Eda says that you remind her of him.

While the two of you drink tea, Eda explains the picture was from a long time ago, before her son left. He was born, grew up here, but now is married and has children of his own. It was fun when everyone would work on the farm, but her son was not suited for farm work. He got an job at a big company in the city and so he moved away with his family. However, her grandson didn't like leaving the farm, so Eda cared for him for a while. Her grandson like farming and would help her with the work. When her husband passed away, her grandson looked after her. But, her grandchild also has his life and can't take care of her forever, so Eda talked to her son and they both agreed that her grandson needed to move back to the city.

Eda believes that her grandson understood that it was for the best, and he writes her letters. Eda realized that she hasn't shown you a picture of her granchild yet, and she points out a picture on the shelf. It is of her son's family. If she is ever lonely, they wrote her a letter saying they'll return at any time, but she never tells them that she's lonely because they are doing so well in the city. Besides, with her farm, you, Fritz, and everyone in the village, she's not very lonely.

Eda is happy that you came to listen to her today.

Result: +1000 FP with Eda