Farm Inspection 2

screen shot

» Walk out of your house in the morning
» Monday through Saturday
» Sunny weather
» Elise has 3000 FP or more
» Your Reputation with Elise is 1000 points or more
» You are not married or going steady with Elise
» You have completed Farm Inspection 1

The second Farm Inspection will trigger after you've finished the first one. As you leave your house in the morning, Elise will stop by for a visit. Ths time she has come by to check out your cow. She demands that you quickly take her to your barn, where she will check out your cow. After her inspection, Elise determines that this was pointless, as the cow's pedegree isn't very impressive at all. Can you even get any good milk out of this cow?

Naturally you take offense to her comment. Else wants to judge how well you raise your cow, so she tells you to bring her a Milk from a cow that you've raised. Visit her mansion again with the Milk in your rucksack on a sunny non-Sunday between 6:00 am and 10:00 am or between 4:00 pm and 9:00 pm. She's prompt you to select the milk you want to submit from your rucksack (Milk, Jersey Milk, or Brahaman Milk).

This time she's just simply going to taste the milk and not cook it into a dish. Depending on the quality level of the milk you give her to judge, you'll earn Friendship Points: