Not Feeling Well

screen shot

» Walk into Eda's house
» 6:00 to 21:00
» Any day of the week
» It is before Winter of year 1
» Sunny weather
» Eda has 5000 FP or more
» You have at least 500 reputation with Eda
» You have seen Eda's Son

Eda invites you to sit down with her, but you notice the pile of unwashed dishes. Eda tells you to leave them alone and she'll do them later. You can either offer to wash the dishes for her, which pleases her after you've finished, or leave them be and take a seat at the table. She explains her body has been so achy lately, so lately she's neglected some of her household chores. She even has problems going outside her house or tending to her fields. Eda laments growing old, as she knows her body inside and out.

Eda tells you not to worry and she plans to be around for many years. Since you are her next door neighbor, she feels at ease. Maybe someday you can take care of her farm too! You object to what she's implying, and she smiles and thanks you for being concerned about her. Seeing you so energetic has made her feel better, and she wants to try to do a little cleaning.

Result: +1000 FP with Eda