Rival Farmer Events

Giorgio's Best Flowers

screen shot

» Walk from the Piedmont area to the Fritz/Giorgio farm area
» 10:00 to 17:00 pm
» Monday, Wednesday, Friday, or Saturday
» Sunny weather
» Giorgio has 4000 FP or more
» You have a flower that you've grown in your rucksack
» Your Reputation with Giorgio is 1200 points or more
» You have seen Giorgio's Troubles

Giorgio calls you over to him to show you his fields of flowers. They're all in bloom, so he invites you to tour the fields with him. He shows you a patch of flowers and explains that his fiancé sent the seeds to him. She sends all sorts of exotic seeds to him from around the world, so he has to specially prepare the soil to make it suitable for each flower. Giorgio has even developed his own fertilizer to enhance the bloom colors, and he doesn't use pesticides. He feels he still has much research to do before he can really get them to bloom. As a fellow rancher, Giorgio asks for your opinion.

Giorgio asks if you brought any flowers for him to look at, but unfortunately you've nothing to show him. Giorgio requests that you bring him a blooming flower. He'll be eagerly waiting to see what you bring.