Otmar's General Store

screen shot

The general goods shop is open from 9:00 until 18:00, and closed on Sundays. The leprechaun-looking shop keeper, Otmar, will sell you general items such as old tools, Fertilizer, and animal feed. In general, his inventory is the same throughout the year, but he will rotate in a few basic crop seeds each season.

Otmar will upgrade your beginner-level rucksack for a fee. Your starting rucksack will hold up to 50 items, but if you need more space, the shopkeeper will have a 70-slot bag available for 100,000 G. After you purchase the large bag upgrade, he'll then have a 100-slot bag for 500,000 G. Remember, when playing in Seedling Mode the prices will be 30% less.

Otmar's is also the village's fishing tackle shop. When you need a special kind of bait, you can bring him different kinds of fish, pay a small fee, and he'll convert them into fishing bait. Otmar does sell regular Fish Food, but that is for raising fish inside of a fish hatchery basket and not for use while fishing. The crafted fishing bait have benefits when you use them while fishing. Each bait recipe from Otmar requires different sizes or types of fish, so they are fairly easy to make:

If you are in need of a Basic Fishing Pole, visit Otmar's shop on Spring 30 or later. The blueprint for the higher-level Master Fishing Pole is for sale at the Tropical Country vendor for 5500 G.


Item NamePriceSeasonRequirements
Old Hoe500 GAny(None)
Old Watering Can500 GAny(None)
Old Sickle500 GAnyUnlock the Construction Bench in your farm house
Old Axe500 GAny(None)
Old Hammer500 GAny(None)
Old Milker500 GAnyAfter Eda gives you a free cow
Old Clippers500 GAnyUnlock the Construction Bench in your farm house
Old Brush500 GAnyAfter Eda gives you a free cow
Animal Medicine500 GAny(None)
Fertilizer20 GAny(None)
Turnip Seeds320 GSpringSpring of year 1
Potato Seeds440 GSpringSpring of year 1
Onion Seeds320 GSummerSummer of year 1
Carrot Seeds390 GFallFall of year 1
Sweet Potato Seeds240 GFallFall of year 1
Radish Seeds290 GWinterWinter of year 1
Sunflower Seeds660 GSummerEarn the Flower Field from Conquest
Peach Seedling630 GSpring(None)
Tea Seeds1260 GAnyEarn the Tea Field from Conquest OR Fall of year 1
Grass Seeds30 GAny(None)
Fodder Grass100 GAny(None)
Carrot200 GAnyGet a horse OR Fall of year 1
Soy Milk Cookies150 GSpringSpring 14 only (Spring Harmony Day)
Madeleine450 GSpringSpring 14 only (Spring Harmony Day)
Chocolate Cake450 GWinterWinter 14 only (Winter Harmony Day)
Chocolate Cookies150 GWinterWinter 14 only (Winter Harmony Day)
Oil170 GAnySummer of year 1
Chicken Feed50 GAny(None)
Pet Feed50 GAny(None)
Rabbit Feed50 GAny(None)
Fish Feed50 GAny(None)
Blue Feather150,000 GAnyAfter Dessie explains marriage to you