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Nearby the Guild Hall is the town restaurant. It is open from 11:00 to 21:30 pm from Thursday to Tuesday (closed Wednesdays). At the Restaurant you can buy food to restore your stamina and health, similar to getting a recovery at Marian's Clinic. Sometimes you'll even see other villagers in his restaurant.

Each season Raeger will have a variety of cooked meals for you to order from his menu. Depending on what you order, you might sit at his counter to eat or you might sit at one of the tables. If you don't want to watch the eating cut scene that triggers every time you order from his menu, press the X Button on your Nintendo 3DS to bypass it.

The advantage to buying from Raeger instead of going to Marian's is that he has cooked recipes for you based on the number of dishes you order from his menu. You can order as many dishes as you want each day and they'll count towards the number you need to unlock new cooking recipes for your kitchen. Raeger has 28 cooking recipes that he can give to you, and you'll need to order 129 cooked meals from his menu before you'll collect them all.

  • 1 = Chocolate Truffles
  • 3 = Soy Milk
  • 6 = Mushroom Soup
  • 9 = Onion Salad
  • 12 = Spinach Soup
  • 15 = Yogurt Pie
  • 18 = Almond Caramel
  • 21 = Spinach Sautee
  • 24 = Pumpkin Doria
  • 27 = Stew
  • 30 = Boiled Broccoli
  • 33 = Muscat Cake
  • 36 = Lemon Juice
  • 39 = Chestnut Rice
  • 44 = Sweet Potato Pasta
  • 49 = Herb Tea
  • 54 = Blueberry Ice Cream
  • 59 = Soybean Salad
  • 66 = Ice Cream Crepe
  • 73 = Chocolate Shake
  • 80 = Mushroom Pie
  • 87 = Muscat Tart
  • 94 = Chocolate Cake
  • 101 = Chocolate Pudding
  • 108 = Pasta Salad
  • 115 = Strawberry Ice Cream
  • 122 = Kitsune Udon
  • 129 = Soy Milk Ice Cream

Before you can receive recipes, you need to own the Basic Salad recipes (comes with the Kitchen), Basic Soup recipes (1500 G at Silk Country), Basic Fried recipes (1500 G at Silk Country), Basic Pot recipes (1500 G at Sakura Country), Basic Rice recipes (1500 G at Sakura Country), Basic Noodles/Bread recipes (1500 G at Silk Country), Basic Snack recipes (1500 G at Cabin Country), and Basic Drink recipes (comes with the Kitchen). If you ordered any meals from Raeger before you had the required recipe sets, they will NOT count towards the number you need to unlock the recipes from him.


Item NamePriceStamina
Spicy Food Special1500 G76Summer
Seafood Rice Bowl3900 G75Spring
Carbonara980 G55Spring
Curry Rice1200 G50Spring, Summer, Winter
Cream Puff960 G50Spring, Winter
Lasagna980 G50Spring, Fall
Omelet Rice950 G50All Year
Turnip Special1500 G49Spring
Cheese Fondue700 G43Fall
Chocolate Ice Cream700 G43Summer
Chop Suey670 G43Summer
Clafoutis670 G43Spring
Eel Rice Bowl1100 G43Summer
Octopus Pasta1000 G43Summer
Pizza830 G43Fall
Quiche860 G43Fall, Winter
Cold Noodles580 G38Summer
Doria670 G38Spring
Eastern Pasta570 G38Summer
Egg Bowl520 G38Spring
Item NamePriceStamina
Foccacia750 G38Winter
Gratin780 G38Winter
Mont Blanc540 G38Spring
Okomiyaki780 G38Winter
Pineapple Ice Cream880 G38Summer
Terrine650 G38Summer
Apple Pie460 G30Fall, Winter
Blueberry Ice Cream340 G30Summer
Grape Cake490 G30Fall
Hot Cakes760 G30Spring, Fall, Winter
Mango Cake640 G30Summer
Udon with Egg440 G30Fall
Napolitan550 G30Winter
Pescatore430 G30Spring
Pineapple Cake1000 G30Summer
Pudding470 G30Spring
Pumpkin Croquette950 G30Summer
Orange Ice Cream480 G25Summer
Mushroom Spaghetti610 G25Winter
Vegetable Cake730 G25Spring
Item NamePriceStamina
Baked Fish110 G23Winter
Cherry Pie440 G23Spring, Winter
Candied S. Potato380 G23Fall
S. Potato Pasta380 G23Fall, Winter
Kitsune Udon610 G20Fall
Crepe320 G18Fall
Potato Pancake160 G18Spring

The following dishes will only appear in his menu after you have unlocked all seven Trade Depot vendors.

Item NamePriceStamina
Large Seafood Rice Bowl2500 G95Spring
Large Curry Rice2500 G70Spring, Summer
Large Lasagna2500 G70Fall
Large Omelet Rice2500 G70All Year
Large Chop Suey2500 G63Summer
Large Eel Rice Bowl2500 G63Summer
Large Moon Udon2500 G63Fall
Large Octopus Pasta2500 G63Summer
Almond Pudding900 G60Fall, Winter
Iced Mocha840 G60Summer
Large Egg Bowl2500 G58Spring
Large Gratin2500 G58Winter
Large Okomiyaki2500 G58Winter
Large Stew2500 G58Winter
Large Napolitan2500 G50Winter
Large Pizza980 G50Fall
Ice Cream Crepe730 G43Summer
Large Spaghetti2500 G43Spring
Mille-Feuille1200 G43Spring
Pumpkin Pudding580 G43Fall
Large Kitsune Udon2500 G40Fall
Brioche650 G38Winter
Roll Cake650 G38Spring