Remodeling Your Farm House

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When you first start your new farming life, the house that Veronica has set aside for you is rather old and run down. It has a usable bed, seasonal calendar, bookshelf, toolbox, and storage box. It does not come with a working kitchen, material supply box, or a way to edit the objects on your farm or the placement of items inside of your house.

Not to worry though; when you go visit Gunther and Corona at the carpenter's shop in town, Gunther will offer to improve your house. You'll need to collect 15 Small Stones and 15 Small Lumber. You can get the required materials by smashing Pebbles for Small Stones and cutting Twigs for Small Lumber.

Alternatively, you can break up the large boulders that are scattered around on your farm, but it will take some time to break the obstacles. A large gray rock takes 100 hits with your Normal Hammer to completely break, and the large dark-gray stone will take 200 hits. For the lumber, you can cut down the shorter leafy trees with your Normal Axe, which will take 50 hits to cut down. Note that if you are playing on Seedling Mode, it will take half the number of hits for rocks and trees.

Once you have the required materials, return to the carpenter shop. Gunther will take you back to your farm and help you remodel your house as well as build a livestock barn. Eda will also give you a free cow to go into your new barn.

Attention Blueprint Cheat Code Users: You must still upgrade the farm house in sequential order (Decent, Upgraded, Big, then Two-Story House). For example, using the blueprint for the Two-Story house when you only have the Upgraded house may result in the permanent removal of your Craft Table after your house upgrade is complete. Save your game before upgrading your house, then verify that your Craft Table still exists within your house before saving again.

Your Decent House

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Now that your house is in better shape, you have a few new features and a larger room.

This house will come with the Craft Table that will allow you to customize the layout of your farm and the interior of your house. You will also have a smaller farm house customization nightstand next to your bed that can't be removed.

Your house will always have a bed, table, and chairs. The rest of the objects can be added by using the House Edit option from the editing area of the Craft Table. You can also customize the wallpaper, flooring, and the extra objects such as the storage boxes, refrigerators, flowerpots, and so on. Just stand in front of the room model on the Craft Table, press A, then select the choice to edit the interior of your house.

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The objects that you've crafted that can be placed inside your house will be on your bottom screen. Select the object you want to place in your house and then press A to place it. There will be a blue border indicating how much space it will take up. You can also rotate the object by pressing the Right Shoulder or Left Shoulder buttons on your 3DS. You can also push objects to slide them into place. You'll be reminded about this each time you remodel the size of your house.

The bed, chairs, and table aren't placed in the same way. To swap out these permament objects to a different style, you will need to stand next to the object and press A. The other choices for that object that you've crafted will then appear on the bottom screen. For example, if you want to change your default green blanketed bed to a crafted red blaketed bed, stand next to your Green Bed inside your house and press A while you are in Edit mode. You can then swap your Green Bed for the Red Bed.

Press the Y button while in Edit mode to exit Edit Mode.

Your Upgraded House

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After you house has been fixed up by Gunther, Corona will sell the next house upgrade blueprint at the carpenter shop. The Upgraded House blueprint is 10,000 G (7,000 G for Seedling Mode) and requires 30 Lumber, 30 Stone, and 15 Brick. If you don't have the Safari and its mining point yet, you can find Brick while diving in the river in the Riverside Pasture area. Stone is found by breaking Rocks with your hammer.

When you upgrade your house, your storage containers are not returned to your object inventory. The boxes will become sorted against the left-side wall of the house. Anything else that have been placed as a decoration will be returned to your object inventory such as the calendar, kitchen, and bookcase. You'll have to go into farm house edit mode from the Craft Table to sort everything back into place.

The Upgraded House has a larger room size compared to the Decent House, but it doesn't add any new functionality or features. This house still has a single bed and one chair at your dining table.

Your Big Farm House

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To get married you'll need to upgrade your house to the large size. Corona will sell the Big Farm House blueprint for 100,000 G (or 70,000 G for Seedling Mode). To construct the larger house you will need to combine 60 Lumber, 60 Stone, 10 Glass Stone, and 7 Emerald. Glass Stone can be found when diving in the rivers, on the ground at the Safari, or at the Safari mining point. Emerald comes from the Safari mining poing. Alternatively, Wheat Country will sell Emeralds for 6100 G (4270 G in Seedling Mode) and Rose Country will sell Glass Stone for 600 G (420 G), both starting in Spring of year 2.

Remodeling your house to this size will rearrange its interior. The clothing Closet moves from the back of the house to the left-side of the house. The dining table now has two chairs intead of one, and the bed is now a double size.

The Big Farm House includes a Toilet Room and a Bath Room. These two rooms will restore a little bit of your stamina if you enter them. These can be found on the right-side of the house. The amount of stamina recovered from these rooms is not much; the Toilet Room restores 5 stamina, and the Bath Room restores 10 stamina. You can use each of these house features once every two hours. If you try to use the rooms before the two hours has elapsed since the last time you used them, no stamina recover will occur.

The two chairs next to your dining table can be swapped out individually. They don't have to be a matching pair.

Your Two-Story Farm House

If you want to have children after marriage, then you'll need to upgrade your house one last time. The Two-Story Farm House blueprint is for sale at Gunther's carpentry shop for 500,000 G (Seedling Mode = 350,000 G) after you construct the Big Farm House. The materials you'll need are 120 Lumber, 120 Stone, 30 Black Lumber, 30 Black Stone, and 10 Orichalcum. You can build the Two-Story Farm House before you get married or after you get married if you'd like.

Orichalcum is found either at the mine node within the Safari or by buying it directly from Ice Country for 17,000 G each starting in year 3. If you are heading to the Safari to locate the ore, make sure you upgrade your hammer to either the Golden Hammer, Master Hammer, or Philosopher's Hammer; the higher the upgrade, the better the chance of locating Orichalcum. You won't find it at all when using the beginner's Normal Hammer. Save your game before hitting the mining node and then reload your save file if you don't find Orichalcum.

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The house now has two floors, each decorated separately from the other. You can set different wallpaper and flooring for the first floor and second floor, or you can make them the same.

This house now has three beds: the original bed on the first floor and two more beds on the second floor. After your children are born, they will occupy the second of the beds on floor #2. You can use any of the beds to sleep for the night, even though your spouse will always sleep in the corner bed on the second floor. There isn't a way to remove the bed on the first floor.

Your clothing closet, toilet room, dining table, and bath room remain on the first floor and are not duplicated on the second floor. There is a nightstand next to the corner beds to access the Edit Mode options.

Another feature of the Two-Story Farm House is the upstairs balcony. Just use the southern exit while on the second floor to go out to the balcony. The balcony is just for decoration, but you can jump off it to reach the outside ground floor. You won't be injured or lose stamina by taking a flying leap off the second floor balcony.

Exterior Choices

Now that you've upgraded your house to its largest size, Gunther and Corona will sell blueprints that allow you to change its exterior style if you have unlocked all seven vendors at the Trade Depot. You can change the visual appearance of your Two-Story House whenever you have gathered the necessary materials by using the Craft Table. (Remember, the cost of the blueprint is less if you are playing in Seedling mode).

Red Two-Story House
Blueprint: 750,000 G
100 Lumber
80 Stone
15 Black Lumber
50 Red Rose
8 Ruby

Black Two-Story House
Blueprint: 750,000 G
100 Lumber
80 Stone
15 Black Rock
50 Blue Rose
8 Adamantite

Green Two-Story House
Blueprint: 750,000 G
100 Lumber
80 Stone
15 Black Lumber
50 Cactus
8 Jade

Yellow Two-Story House
Blueprint: 750,000 G
100 Lumber
80 Stone
15 Black Stone
50 Sunflower
8 Topaz

Brick House
Blueprint: 1,000,000 G
50 Brick
50 Lumber
25 Black Stone
50 Soft Soil
10 Copper

Log House
Blueprint: 1,000,000 G
60 Small Lumber
80 Lumber
25 Black Lumber
50 Weed
15 Sandrose

Eastern House
Blueprint: 1,000,000 G
60 Pine Branch
60 Cherry Branch
60 Maidenhair Branch
30 Agate
30 Fluorite

Colorful House
Blueprint: 1,000,000 G
100 Pink Rose
100 Red Rose
100 White Rose
100 Blue Rose
15 Agate

Blueprint: 1,000,000 G
30 Pink Diamond
30 Diamond
30 Crystal
30 Platinum
30 White Pearl

Golden House
Blueprint: 2,000,000 G
50 Gold Ore
50 Gold Pearl
50 Platinum
50 Orichalcum
30 Philosopher's Stone