Farm Tools and Equipment

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When you first move to Oak Tree Town to be tutored by Eda, she'll give you a set of tools to use while working on her farm. You'll receive an Old Hoe, Old Watering Can, Old Axe, and Old Hammer. Later when you've graduated to your own farm, Eda will give you an Old Milker and an Old Brush to help care for your used cow.

Eda does not give you a Sickle, Fishing Rod, Pitchfork, or wool Clippers.

In Story of Seasons, the hoe, watering can, and sickle will affect each one of fields that you develop. Using a hoe will create a 3x3 square field for planting, using the watering can will water all of the seeds you plant in the field, and the sickle will cut all of the plants growing in that field. You'll be watering each field rather than watering each plant within the field.

Using Your Tools

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Your most used tool will be the one for watering your growing crops. To fill the can, go to a Watering Spigot and press A to fill the can. Then press the A button to water your entire 3x3 square field. When you hold down your A Button, you can move your farmer with the Circle Pad to water the adjacent field. Many of your tools can be used in continuous mode. You'll actually be using your milker and clippers in continuous mode to collect milk and wool; one button press of the milker isn't enough to collect the cow's milk for the day.

For fishing using your Basic Rod, you can only use it when you are standing on the designated fishing docks. Press A to cast your line, and then press A repeatedly when you see a bite on your line. You can't just hold down the A Button like you can with most of your tools.

The Pitchfork only requires one press of the A Button to clean up the dirt on the barn floors. The barn dirt is swept away permanently and not saved inside your rucksack.

Tool Upgrades

To increase the efficiency of your tools, you will have to buy blueprints from the Trade Depot vendors to upgrade your tools. The hoe and watering can have eight levels; the sickle, axe, hammer, milker, brush, and clippers have five levels; and the fishing rod has one additional upgrade. The pitchfork doesn't have a tool upgrade.

If you happen to be playing in Seedling Mode, the Axe and Hammer will take half as many uses to chop down lumber trees and break up stones. Also, the prices to buy the blueprints will be 30% less than documented.

The upgrade for the Basic Fishing Rod, the Sacred Rod, is available from the Tropical Country vendor for 55,000 G. You'll need to combine 1 Basic Rod + 3 Bamboo + 1 Yarn+ (high-quality yarn made with sheep's Wool) + 1 Silver.

Normal style

Your first tool upgrade blueprints for the Hoe and Watering Can can be purchased from the Silk Country vendor at the Trade Depot. Ashe will have the blueprint for the normal Hoe and normal Watering Can for 3000 G each. Marielle at Cabin Country has the blueprints for the remaining normal farm tools for 4500 G each.

Copper style

These blueprints are only available for the Hoe and Watering Can. They are for sale at Silk Country for 6000 G each after you have crafted the normal style Watering Can and normal style Hoe.

Silver style

The silver series is another one that is just applicable to the Hoe and Watering Can. The silver style blueprints are for sale at Cabin Country for 12,000 G each after you have build the copper versions of the tools.

Golden style

All of your typical farm equipment will have gold versions. The blueprints for the Gold Hoe and watering can are at Wheat County for 15,000 G each after you build the silver tool versions. The blueprints for the remaining tools are also at Kenneth's booth once you've build the normal versions, but for only 13,000 G each.

Master style

Once you've build the gold versions of the tools, Rose Country will sell the platinum-remodeled version blueprints. The Master Hoe and Master Watering Can blueprints will be 20,000 G each, and the others are 25,000 G each. Black Lumber can't be grown from a tree; you'll catch it while fishing or find it while foraging.

Orichalcum style

Only available for the hoe and watering can, the Orichalcum style blueprints are available at the Tropical Country vendor for 30,000 G once you build the Master versions. The issue with this is it will take some time for you to unlock Ione and her Trade Depot booth, so you may be using the Master versions for quite some time.

Philosopher style

The last upgrade is available for all of your typical farming tools. The blueprints are for sale at the Ice Country booth. The hoe and watering can are 50,000 G each once you've build the Orichalcum versions. The remaining tool blueprints are 75,000 G each after you've built the Master versions. Philosopher Stone is a red-colored ore you can find rarely when hitting the mining node within the Safari area. You can also buy it for 777,777 G at the Ice Country vendor starting in Spring of year 4.