Farm Construction

Building Construction and Upgrades


When you first start out on your farm you have 1 farm house, a shipping bin, and Takakura's house. Everything else must be purchased and built by Gotz, the Carpenter from Mineral Town. You can call Gotz on your telephone and buy lumber, hire him for construction, or ask him to destroy a building.

At the start of your farming adventure you won't have a standard lumber bin to store material in. Any material you collect will be stored in your Rucksack (in stacks of 99) until you have Gotz build the material bins.

There are 4 types of materials you can use for building. The weaker the material, the more likely it will pass through a bad-weather storm and be destroyed the next morning.

grass barn Grass
The cheapest material you can use. Grass buildings are thrifty deals, but they can collapse in rain. The buildings can even collapse on sunny days! You can collect Grass material by using your Sickle on the pasture grass you can grow. You also can buy the material from Rick for 20 G each, but there's no Grass Bin to store it in until you build the Fodder Silo.

wood barn Wood
A bit better than Grass, but still not very stable. Wooden buildings won't break just because they feel like it, but during Hurricanes and Snow Storms don't expect them to hold up. You collect Wood materials by chopping stumps and sticks with your Axe, or buy it for 50 G each from Gotz

stone barn Stone
The most affordable and reliable material at 200 G per piece. Stone buildings can withstand any weather that can occur in your game, but on rare occasions can be destroyed. Most of the time you won't have a problem with Stone buildings collapsing on you, but keep in mind that it can happen. Smash the rocks and boulders with your Hammer to collect this material for free.

gold barn Golden Lumber
Finally this material has a purpose! A building made with Gold can stand up to any weather that it has to go through. They are also very expensive to build. Gold Lumber can only come from the Thomas' Winter Request event (just like the one in Friends of Mineral Town for GBA) or from buying it directly from Gotz for 100,000 G a piece.

When you hire Gotz to construct a building he will ask you what material you wish to use. He will also offer the option to purchase the necessary material at the same time as his employment payment, or if you already have the materials on hand. The only buildings you can't select your material to us are your house upgrades and your Duck Pond. Those buildings must be made using Stone. The next day he will stop by your house and ask you to pick a location for the new building to be constructed. All of Gotz's jobs take 3 days, with time off for festivals and Saturday. Hiring him to demolish a building only takes him 1 day.

Building Materials Cost (alone) Cost (plus materials)
Upgrade #1
req. Table
200 Stone: 3000 G Stone: 43,000 G
Upgrade #2
req. Kitchen in JP version
700 Stone: 10,000 G Stone: 150,000 G
Bath room 580 Grass: 3000 G
Wood: 30,000 G
Stone: 60,000 G
Gold: 600,000 G
Grass: 4160 G
Wood: 32,900 G
Stone: 176,000 G
Gold: 58,600,000 G
Toilet room 400 Grass: 2000 G
Wood: 20,000 G
Stone: 40,000 G
Gold: 400,000 G
Grass: 2800 G
Wood: 40,000 G
Stone: 120,000 G
Gold: 40,400,000 G
Basement #1
underground greenhouse
999 Grass: 10,000 G
Wood: 100,000 G
Stone: 200,000 G
Gold: 2,000,000 G
Grass: 30,000 G
Wood: 150,000 G
Stone: 400,000 G
Gold: 102,000,000 G
Basement #2
underground greenhouse
999 Grass: 50,000 G
Wood: 500,000 G
Stone: 750,000 G
Gold: 7,500,000 G
Grass: 70,000 G
Wood: 550,000 G
Stone: 950,000 G
Gold: 107,550,000 G
Basement #3
underground greenhouse
999 Grass: 200,000 G
Wood: 2,000,000 G
Stone: 3,000,000 G
Gold: 30,000,000 G
Grass: 220,000 G
Wood: 2,050,000 G
Stone: 3,200,000 G
Gold: 130,000,000 G
Poultry Barn
houses 4 birds
420 Grass: 500 G
Wood: 5000 G
Stone: 10,000 G
Gold: 100,000 G
Grass: 8900 G
Wood: 26,000 G
Stone: 94,000 G
Gold: 42,100,000 G
Livestock Barn
houses 4 animals
500 Grass: 680 G
Wood: 6800 G
Stone: 13,000 G
Gold: 130,000 G
Grass: 10,680 G
Wood: 31,800 G
Stone: 101,300 G
Gold: 50,130,000 G
Fodder Silo
holds cut grass
100 Grass: 200 G
Wood: 2000 G
Stone: 4000 G
Gold: 40,000 G
Grass: 2200 G
Wood: 7000 G
Stone: 24,000 G
Gold: 10,040,000 G
Mushroom House 300 Grass: 1000 G
Wood: 10,000 G
Stone: 20,000 G
Gold: 200,000 G
Grass: 7000 G
Wood: 25,000 G
Stone: 35,000 G
Gold: 30,200,000 G
Maker Barn
360 Grass: 3000 G
Wood: 30,000 G
Stone: 60,000 G
Gold: 600,000 G
Grass: 10,200 G
Wood: 48,000 G
Stone: 132,000 G
Gold: 36,600,000 G
Wood Bin
Stone Bin
100 Grass: 200 G
Wood: 2000 G
Stone: 4000 G
Gold: 40,000 G
Grass: 2200 G
Wood: 7000 G
Stone: 24,000 G
Gold: 10,040,000 G
Gold Bin 100 Grass: 2000 G
Wood: 20,000 G
Stone: 40,000 G
Gold: 400,000 G
Grass: 4000 G
Wood: 25,000 G
Stone: 60,000 G
Gold: 10,400,000 G
Vacation Villa
extra house
999 Grass: 1,000,000 G
Wood: 10,000,000 G
Stone: 20,000,000 G
Gold: 200,000,000 G
Grass: 1,020,000 G
Wood: 10,050,000 G
Stone: 20,200,000 G
Gold: 300,000,000 G
Duck Pond
fish storage
600 Stone: 100,000 G Stone: 220,000 G

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