Tree Orchards

Tree Orchards

A new addition to this game is the ability to plant trees to make your own orchards. These trees are big and beefy, not like the scrawney trees from A Wonderful Life. Once the trees have been planted they'll produce fruit on their scheduled season until they are chopped down. When you first start on your farm you will have a mature Peach tree in the middle of your crop field.

You can cut down a tree if you have a level 5 (mistril) axe or higher.

The tree seeds can be purchased from Vesta's shop. Each bag of seeds will only plant 1 tree.

Tree Species
Apple Fall fruit 1500 G
Banana Summer fruit 2500 G
Grape Fall fruit 2700 G
Orange Summer fruit 2800 G
Peach Summer fruit 3000 G

Each bag of tree seed needs to be planted on a 4-square plot of land. Normal crop seeds only need 1 square to sprout but trees need much more room. You also have to leave a empty gap between the planted trees. If the tree is touching another crop or tree it won't sprout all the way. You don't need to water your new trees and they'll grown on their own.

tree growth

You can plant trees in Spring, Summer, or Fall. Once the Winter season arrives the trees will go dormant and won't grow until the following Spring. The trees also grow at different speeds. The fastest tree to mature is the Banana, which will reach full size at 40 days. After the Banana is the Orange (43 days), Apple (52 days), and then the Grape and Peach trees (58 days).

To harvest the fruit from a tree just stand in front of it and press the B button. The fruit will grow back in a matter of days.

You can also level up your fruit trees by planting multiple bags of seeds in one spot. The trees take a long time to mature so don't expect fast results.

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