Shipped Items List

Shipped Items List

When you ship an item using your shipment box, a record of that item will appear in the Shipped Items list. You can see the items that you've shipped by going to your profile page and then selecting the shipment box icon. Next to the icon will be the total number of different kinds of items you can ship. There are 273 items in the completed list. When you do ship one of every kind of item you will receive a letter in your mailbox.

A large chunk of the Shipped Items are cooked recipes. If you tried to put a cooked dish in your shipment box you would notice it never leaves your hands. To ship an item you will need to place it in the shipment basket that you can buy from Karen's store for 5,000 G. Once the cooked food is in the basket you can't take it back out but you can dump the contents of the basket into your shipment box. You can also use the Cannery to ship your cooked foods.

The following table are all the items available for shipment, listed in the same order as the Shipped Items page in your profile. All farm produced item prices are at Level 01.

Name Location Profit
TurnipSpring crop60 G
PotatoSpring crop80 G
CucumberSpring crop60 G
StrawberrySpring crop30 G
CabbageSpring crop250 G
TomatoSummer crop60 G
CornSummer crop100 G
OnionSummer crop80 G
PumpkinSummer crop250 G
PineappleSummer crop500 G

EggplantFall crop80 G
CarrotFall crop120 G
YamFall crop100 G
SpinachFall crop80 G
PepperFall crop40 G
Moondrop FlowerSpring crop60 G
Pinkcat FlowerSummer crop70 G
Blue MagicgrassFall crop80 G
Red MagicgrassFall crop200 G
Toy FlowerSpring crop130 G

PeachSummer tree crop250 G
BananaSummer tree crop300 G
OrangeSummer tree crop200 G
AppleFall tree crop100 G
GrapeFall tree crop200 G
Small Chicken EggPoultry50 G
Medium Chicken EggPoultry60 G
Large Chicken EggPoultry80 G
Small Duck EggPoultry80 G
Medium Duck EggPoultry100 G

Large Duck EggPoultry150 G
Small MayonnaiseMayo Maker or Kitchen - No Utensil100 G
Medium MayonnaiseMayo Maker or Kitchen - No Utensil150 G
Large MayonnaiseMayo Maker or Kitchen - No Utensil200 G
Small MilkCow Livestock100 G
Medium MilkCow Livestock150 G
Large MilkCow Livestock200 G
Small CheeseCheese Maker300 G
Medium CheeseCheese Maker400 G
Large CheeseCheese Maker500 G

Small YogurtYogurt Maker150 G
Medium YogurtYogurt Maker200 G
Large YogurtYogurt Maker300 G
Small ShiitakeMushroom House50 G
Medium ShiitakeMushroom House80 G
Large ShiitakeMushroom House120 G
Small ToadstoolMushroom House or scavaged (Fall)100 G
Medium ToadstoolMushroom House130 G
Large ToadstoolMushroom House160 G
Small MatsutakeMushroom House or scavaged (Fall)350 G

Medium MatsutakeMushroom House500 G
Large MatsutakeMushroom House800 G
Small WoolSheep Livestock100 G
Medium WoolSheep Livestock400 G
Large WoolSheep Livestock500 G
Small YarnYarn Maker300 G
Medium YarnYarn Maker700 G
Large YarnYarn Maker800 G
Spa Boiled EggToss an Egg into the Hot Springs80 G
Bamboo ShootsScavaged (Spring)50 G

Wild GrapesScavaged (Summer)50 G
Blue GrassScavaged (Summer)100 G
Green GrassScavaged (Summer)100 G
Red GrassScavaged (Summer and Fall)110 G
Yellow GrassScavaged (Spring)120 G
Orange GrassScavaged (Spring and Fall)100 G
Purple GrassScavaged (Summer)120 G
Indigo GrassScavaged (Summer)100 G
Black GrassMines 1, 2, 3, and 4, dug from the ground10 G
White GrassScavaged (Winter)150 G

TurbojoltBan's Shop or Kitchen - Pot500 G
Turbojolt XLBan's Shop or Kitchen - Mixer1000 G
BodigizerBan's Shop or Kitchen - Pot250 G
Bodigizer XLBan's Shop or Kitchen - Mixer500 G
WineKaren's Shop150 G
Grape JuiceKaren's Shop100 G
RiceballsKaren's Shop50 G
BreadKaren's Shop50 G
OilKaren's Shop25 G
FlourKaren's Shop25 G

Curry PowderKaren's Shop25 G
Dumpling PowderKaren's Shop50 G
ChocolateKaren's Shop50 G
Relaxtea LeavesSprite Casino, Channel 9 quiz show, or Kitchen1000 G
Buckwheat FlourNew Years Eve festival50 G
Rice CakeNew Year's Day festival50 G
Small FishFishing skill50 G
Medium FishFishing skill120 G
Large FishFishing skill200 G
Junk OreMines 1, 2, 3, and 41 G

CopperMines 1 and 315 G
SilverMines 1 and 320 G
GoldMines 1 and 325 G
MystrileMines 1 and 340 G
OrichalcMine 350 G
AdamantiteMine 350 G
MoonstoneMine 255 G
SandroseMine 260 G
Pink DiamondMine 210,000 G
AlexandriteMine 210,000 G

Mythic StoneMine 320,000 G
DiamondMine 2100 G
EmeraldMine 280 G
RubyMine 275 G
TopazMine 270 G
PeridotMine 268 G
FluoriteMine 265 G
AgateMine 262 G
AmethystMine 260 G
Spring SunMine 3, floors ending in 11 G

Summer SunMine 3, floors ending in 21 G
Fall SunMine 3, floors ending in 31 G
Winter SunMine 3, floors ending in 41 G
BraceletExcavation Site, underground2000 G
Necklace / ChokerExcavation Site, underground2000 G
EarringsExcavation Site, underground2000 G
BroochExcavation Site, underground2000 G
WeedIn fields during Spring, Summer, and Fall1 G
StoneIn fields year round1 G
BranchIn fields year round, and Fishing skill1 G

LithographMine 2, 3, and 4, on floors ending in 501 G
Bottled MessageSpring, Ocean Fishing skill1 G
Dog BallDelivered by Thomas1 G
Pirate TreasureSummer, Ocean Fishing skill10,000 G
Fish FossilFall, Ocean Fishing skill5000 G
Empty CanFishing skill1 G
BootFishing skill1 G
Fish BonesFishing skill1 G
PerfumeExcavation site, underground, after your 6th year.40 G
Witch's PresentGift from the Witch1 G

In the English version of HMDS the H.Goddess Present is included in the list of shippable items. In the Japanese version it does not appear between the Witch's Present and the Title Bonus items.

Title BonusWin the 4:44 AM doghouse battle1 G
DressExcavation Site, underground50 G
Facial PackExcavation Site, underground47 G
Skin LotionExcavation Site, underground40 G
Sun BlockExcavation Site, underground43 G
Wood LumberChop sticks and stumps with Axe1 G
Stone LumberSmash rocks with Hammer1 G
Gold LumberThomas' Winter Request event or Gotz's shop1 G
FodderCut pasturegrass or Mick's Shop1 G
Bird FeedPopuri's Shop1 G

10,000 G TicketJet's Shop10,000 G
100,000 G TicketJet's Shop100,000 G
Stir FryKitchen - Frying Pan0 G
Fried RiceKitchen - Frying Pan0 G
Savory PancakesKitchen - Frying Pan0 G
French FriesKitchen - Frying Pan0 G
CroquetteKitchen - Frying Pan0 G
PopcornKitchen - Frying Pan0 G
CornflakesKitchen - Frying Pan0 G
Happy EggplantKitchen - Frying Pan0 G

Scrambled EggsKitchen - Frying Pan0 G
OmeletKitchen - Frying Pan0 G
Omelet RiceKitchen - Frying Pan0 G
Apple SouffleKitchen - Frying Pan0 G
Curry BreadKitchen - Frying Pan0 G
French ToastKitchen - Frying Pan0 G
DoughnutKitchen - Frying Pan0 G
Grilled FishKitchen - Frying Pan0 G
Fried Thick NoodlesKitchen - Frying Pan0 G
Fried NoodlesKitchen - Frying Pan0 G

TempuraKitchen - Frying Pan0 G
PancakeKitchen - Frying Pan0 G
Pot StickersKitchen - Frying Pan0 G
RisottoKitchen - Frying Pan0 G
Dry CurryKitchen - Frying Pan0 G
Hot MilkKitchen - Pot0 G
Hot ChocolateKitchen - Pot0 G
Wild Grape WineKitchen - Pot0 G
Pumpkin StewKitchen - Pot0 G
Fish StewKitchen - Pot0 G

Boiled SpinachKitchen - Pot0 G
Boiled EggKitchen - Pot0 G
Candied PotatosKitchen - Pot0 G
DumplingsKitchen - Pot0 G
Strawberry JamKitchen - Pot0 G
Apple JamKitchen - Pot0 G
Grape JamKitchen - Pot0 G
MarmaladeKitchen - Pot0 G
Cheese FondueKitchen - Pot0 G
NoodlesKitchen - Pot0 G

Curry NoodlesKitchen - Pot0 G
Tempura NoodlesKitchen - Pot0 G
Buckwheat NoodlesNew Year's Eve Festival or Kitchen - Pot0 G
Tempura B.wheat NoodlesKitchen - Pot0 G
Mountain StewKitchen - Pot0 G
Rice SoupKitchen - Pot0 G
PorridgeKitchen - Pot0 G
Tempura RiceKitchen - Pot0 G
Eggs Over RiceKitchen - Pot0 G
StewKitchen - Pot0 G

Curry RiceKitchen - Pot0 G
Blue CurryKitchen - Pot0 G
Green CurryKitchen - Pot0 G
Red CurryKitchen - Pot0 G
Yellow CurryKitchen - Pot0 G
Orange CurryKitchen - Pot0 G
Purple CurryKitchen - Pot0 G
Indigo CurryKitchen - Pot0 G
Black CurryKitchen - Pot0 G
White CurryKitchen - Pot0 G

Rainbow CurryKitchen - Pot0 G
Ultimate CurryKitchen - Pot0 G
Finest CurryKitchen - Pot0 G
RelaxteaKitchen - Pot0 G
Baked CornKitchen - Oven0 G
Toasted RiceballsKitchen - Oven0 G
Roasted Rice CakeKitchen - Oven0 G
Baked YamKitchen - Oven0 G
ToastKitchen - Oven0 G
JambunKitchen - Oven0 G

Dinner RollKitchen - Oven0 G
PizzaKitchen - Oven0 G
DoriaKitchen - Oven0 G
GratinKitchen - Oven0 G
Buckwheat BallKitchen - Oven0 G
Sweet PotatoesKitchen - Oven0 G
CookieKitchen - Oven0 G
Chocolate CookieKitchen - Oven0 G
CakeKitchen - Oven0 G
Chocolate CakeKitchen - Oven0 G

CheesecakeKitchen - Oven0 G
Apple PieKitchen - Oven0 G
Pineapple JuiceKitchen - Mixer0 G
Tomato JuiceKitchen - Mixer0 G
Peach JuiceKitchen - Mixer0 G
Banana JuiceKitchen - Mixer0 G
Orange JuiceKitchen - Mixer0 G
Apple JuiceKitchen - Mixer0 G
Strawberry MilkKitchen - Mixer0 G
Fruit JuiceKitchen - Mixer0 G

Fruit LatteKitchen - Mixer0 G
Vegetable JuiceKitchen - Mixer0 G
Vegetable LatteKitchen - Mixer0 G
Mixed JuiceKitchen - Mixer0 G
Mixed LatteKitchen - Mixer0 G
KetchupKitchen - Mixer0 G
ButterKitchen - Mixer0 G
Fish SticksKitchen - Mixer0 G
Moon DumplingKitchen - Steamer0 G
Green DumplingKitchen - Steamer0 G

Bamboo DumplingsKitchen - Steamer0 G
Steamed BunKitchen - Steamer0 G
Cheese Steamed BunKitchen - Steamer0 G
ShaomiKitchen - Steamer0 G
Steamed EggKitchen - Steamer0 G
Chinese BunKitchen - Steamer0 G
Curry BunKitchen - Steamer0 G
Steamed DumplingKitchen - Steamer0 G
Sponge CakeKitchen - Steamer0 G
Steamed CakeKitchen - Steamer0 G

PuddingKitchen - Steamer0 G
Pumpkin PuddingKitchen - Steamer0 G
SaladKitchen - No Utensil0 G
SandwitchKitchen - No Utensil0 G
Fruit SandwitchKitchen - No Utensil0 G
Pickled TurnipKitchen - No Utensil0 G
Pickled CucumberKitchen - No Utensil0 G
Bamboo RiceKitchen - No Utenil0 G
Matsutake RiceKitchen - No Utensil0 G
Mushroom RiceKitchen - No Utensil0 G

SushiKitchen - No Utensil0 G
Raisen BreadKitchen - No Utensil0 G
SashimiKitchen - No Utensil0 G
Chirashi SushiKitchen - No Utensil0 G
Buckwheat ChipsKitchen - No Utensil0 G
Ice CreamKitchen - No Utensil0 G
Elli LeavesKitchen - No Utensil0 G
Burnt - SteamerKitchen - Frying Pan0 G
Burnt - MixerKitchen - Pot0 G
Burnt - PotKitchen - Oven0 G

Burnt - OvenKitchen - Mixer0 G
Burnt - Frying PanKitchen - Steamer0 G
Burnt - No UtensilKitchen - No Utensil0 G

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