The 101 missing Sprites

101 Harvest Sprites

The Witch Princess' spell mishap has caused the local Sprites to vanish. If you want rescue them and the Harvest Goddess you are going to have to play through different tasks in the game. Finding members of a certain Sprite team are typically done by manually working on the same tasks that the team are assigned to do.

The 101 Sprites are divided into 10 teams . The first 7 teams each have 12 members and the other 3 teams combined have 17 Sprites. When you find a Sprite it will introduce himself, tell you what team he belongs to, then vanish and return to the Sprite Tree. If you visit the tree you can then hire that team of Sprites to work their magic. You can't hire a team that doesn't have any members in it! Each of the 7 work teams will have a Leader Sprite in charge.

Finding the 12 red Animal: Shipping & Feeding team members

Finding the 12 orange Lumber team members

Finding the 12 yellow Animal: Brushing & Petting team members

Finding the 12 green Crop Harvesting team members

Finding the 12 purple stamina Healing team members

Finding the 12 indigo Fishing team members

Finding the 12 blue Crop Watering team members

Team 8 - white Baby Sprite
This single-member team will appear when you have found 60 Sprites and rescued the Harvest Goddess. Investigate the large urns to the left of the counter inside the Sprite Company tree.

In general the baby sprite doesn't do much of anything. If you give the little one 250 gifts, apparently it can increase your gold and casino medals. Its favorite food is Curry Rice.

Team 9 - brown Shop and Casino

Guts When the Witch Princess kicks you into the Sprite Tree at the beginning of the game you will find this fellow.
Jackie On the east side of the valley is a path that exits the area. If you try and escape the valley you will discover Jackie. He will never let you leave Forget-Me-Not.
Jet Go upstairs in the Inn and you'll find Van's orange crate where he sets up shop. Stand on the northern side of the crate and press the A button. Once found, Jet sets up a shop next to Guts.
Roller After the 8th of Spring, walk across the bridge near Vesta's farm. Roller will appear and open up the Casino in the back of the Sprite Tree.
Jum Press the A button while standing at the fountain in front of Romana's mansion. You can then play the Memory game at the Casino.
Tep To the left of the Inn is a stove surrounded by a fence. Hop the fence by pressing the A button and then press A again while standing in front of the stone. You can now play the Blackjack game at the Casino.
Hops There is a water well next to the Blue Bar. Inside you'll find the Poker dealer Sprite.

Team 10 - black Sprite Station
These planet-based Sprites will appear as you unlock the channels on the Sprite Station. Each channel Sprite is named after the planets in the solar system.

Mercury After you find Guts the Channel 1 Sprite will appear.
Venus Purchase an item from Karen's store for a total of 10 days.
Earth Rescue 20 lost Harvest Sprites.
Mars Ship at least 300 of one item that you have produced on your farm. Items that count are crops, flowers, tree fruit, milk, eggs, or wool.
Jupiter Purchase 5 Records from Jet at the Sprite Tree.
Saturn Participate in 3 seasonal festivals.
Uranus Befriend a villager to 100 Friendship Points. You can easily find this Sprite by using the show your pet trick.
Neptune Available from the beginning of the game.
Pluto The most difficult Station Sprite to find. You must ship 100,000 of one item that you have produced on your farm. Items that count are crops, flowers, tree fruit, milk, eggs, or wool.

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