Harvest Cards
Harvest Cards

A little bonus feature in this game is the card collecting aspect. You can purchase packs of Harvest Moon cards from Jet for 150 G each. The 5 cards you get in the pack are random. There are 5 different card series.

These cards are based on the paper-element, and they are plentiful. You'll always end up with a few of these in each pack of cards you buy.

The green bordered cards are from the grass-element.

The brown bordered Harvest cards aren't as rare as they're advertised, but I would guess you have a 25% chance of getting one in your pack. The cards are on the wood-element.

Very Rare
There is a small chance you'll receive these cards when you buy your pack. Their border color is grey and they are based on the stone-element.

The rarest, golden colored cards. You might receive 1 Super card for every 10 packs of cards you buy.

Each card displays a portrait of it's topic and a series contains 608 cards, but the cards are not unique to each series. You can have the Tomato Seed card from Com, UnCom, and Very but might be missing that same card from Rare and Super. In total there are 3,040 cards to collect. The total number of cards you currently have will appear in your Farm Summary page. If you select the card icon from your summary you can then get information on what cards you have from each series.

click HERE for a list of all 608 individual cards

You can only have 1 card of a specific number from each series. If you buy a pack and you receive a duplicate card that you already have, the extra cards is tossed away. You don't even have the chance to sell the duplicates.

The 5 cards from the pack you buy will be within a certain numeric range, depending on the number listed in the 100th location in your total money amount. If you're trying to get a specific numbered card then keep an eye on your gold. For example, if you had 6,832 G after you spend the 150 G on a pack of cards (6982 G to begin with) then you may have a chance of getting card #429 (a Diamond) in your 5 random cards from that pack.

Cards 000 to 061 1 in your 100th spot
Cards 062 to 120 2 in your 100th spot
Cards 121 to 180 3 in your 100th spot
Cards 181 to 240 4 in your 100th spot
Cards 241 to 300 5 in your 100th spot
Cards 301 to 360 6 in your 100th spot
Cards 361 to 420 7 in your 100th spot
Cards 421 to 480 8 in your 100th spot
Cards 481 to 540 9 in your 100th spot
Cards 541 to 608 0 in your 100th spot

In the girl version of HMDS there are 625 Harvest Cards per series; 15 new cards that show images of the daughter child, 1 card for the 2nd heroine graphic, and a card for Steiner's image.

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