TV Shopping

Tv Shopping

Before you can get married you must upgrade your house. Your spouse is not going to want to live in the tiny house you start out with! To upgrade you will first need to unlock Channel 2 on the Sprite Station. To open the channel you must buy something from Karen's telephone store for 10 days.

When you unlock the Tv Shopping Channel 2, watch it every day. Eventually you will see the Table for sale. The little round table will only cost you 500 G. Call the Tv Shopping operators using your telephone and order the Table.

Only after you have received the Table can you then hire Gotz to increase the size of your house for the first time! You must own the Kitchen before he will upgrade your house a second time if you own the Japanese version. The English version does not require the kitchen.

Available at the beginning
Round Table500 G
Clock2000 G
Tool Box2000 G
Ornament Box2500 G
1st house upgrade required
Shelves2500 G
Refrigerator2500 G
Kitchen4000 G
Pot1000 G
Frying Pan1200 G
Mixer1200 G
Oven2500 G
Steamer2000 G
2nd house upgrade required
Big Bed10,000 G

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