Wild Items

Wild Items

Throughout the valley you'll find crop fields for planting. Every day new wild grown items will appear in those areas. You can find contruction material, weeds, flowers, and even edible items. The items that generate each day will change with the seasons.

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The areas where these items grow in are crop fields but they are not quite the same type of field that you have on your farm. If you pick up a wild grown item and then throw it back on the ground to destroy it, the game does concider this littering and you will loose Friendship and Love Points with the valley residents.

To earn money you can ship these wild items to Thomas. The items will regrow every day so you always have some simple way to earn money. You can also give the wild items as gifts, especially the flowers and colored grasses. The grasses are wonderful gifts to give to the Harvest Sprite teams when they are busy working for you.

Every so often you'll find Large Stones and Stumps in the extra fields. You can destroy those items to make construction material just like with the smaller Stones and Sticks.

Wild scavenged items
Weed Spring, Summer, and Fall 1 G
Stone All Seasons 1 G
Stick All Seasons 1 G
Bamboo Shoots Spring 50 G
Wild Grapes Summer 50 G
Matsutake Fall 350 G
Toadstool Fall 100 G
Yellow Grass Spring 120 G
Orange Grass Spring and Fall 100 G
Blue Grass Summer 100 G
Green Grass Summer 100 G
Red Grass Summer and Fall 110 G
Purple Grass Summer 120 G
Indigo Grass Summer 100 G
White Grass Winter 150 G
Moondrop FlowerSpring60 G
Toy FlowerSpring130 G
Pinkcat FlowerSummer70 G
Blue MagicgrassFall80 G
Red MagicgrassFall200 G

Each day you will also find wild animals running around the valley. The animals and insects are just there for graphic enhancement and they don't mean anything else. You can't befriend any of the wild animals and make them your pet.

If you need Black Grass, you can find it in the ground when digging inside the mines.

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