Wonderful Stones

Hidden inside of the rocks in the 4th Mine are the colored Wonderful Stones. There are 9 different stones to collect and you can only have 1 of each stone at a time. When you collect the 9 colored stones the Harvest Goddess will make an appearance.

Blue WonderfulFloors that end in 10
Purple WonderfulFloors that end in 20
Green WonderfulFloors that end in 30
Indigo WonderfulFloors that end in 40
Red WonderfulFloors that end in 50
Black WonderfulFloors that end in 60
Yellow WonderfulFloors that end in 70
White WonderfulFloors that end in 80
Orange WonderfulFloors that end in 90

Since you have brought all 9 together, she will grant you one of three wishes she has available. After you have selected your wish and it has been granted, the 9 Wonderful Stones will dissipate so you can collect them again.

If you are wanting a specific wish, just save your game before you uncover the last Wonderful from inside the rocks. If her wish selection is not to your liking you can simply reload your game, find the last Wonderful again, and then get a new set of 3 wishes.

The floors with even numbers that contain Wonderfuls only have 1 rock on them. They are very easy to find! If you land on an odd-numbered floor with a Wonderful (30, 70, etc.) then you have a whole mess of rocks to smash before you will find the stone. Sometimes you can get unlucky and you won't find a Wonderful at all! You just have to try again lower in the mine.

Available wishes

» Please give me money
» Give me a H.S. Medal (increases your Casino medals)
» Make me popular (increases Friend Points)
» Take curse off equipped item (works best w/ cursed accessories)
» Raise shipping price
» Recover my St/F (Strength and Fatigue points)
» Give me an item
» Heal my animals' sicknesses
» Raise my Farm Level

The item you acquire from the "Give me an item" wish is a white flower called the the Goddess Gift . The flower is not part of the Shipped Items List in the Japanese version, but it is in the English one! If you keep the flower in your Rucksack you will increase your invisible Farm Degree value by 1 point every day.

Another way to get the Goddess gift without needing to unlock the 4th mine is to ignore the Goddess until after your married. After you give her around 10 gifts, she would normally ask you to choose a marriage candidate to raise his or her Love Points a little bit. Since you would already be married, she will give you a Goddess Gift instead. This can only happen once.

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