Cursed Accessories
Tips to finding the Cursed things

All of the Cursed items are found in the floors of the 3rd mine. The tools are found on higher levels while the accessories can be found past floor 300. You can use your save slots in the game to help you find something specific you are looking for! Just save on slot 1 before you enter the floor where a cursed item belongs, then save on slot 2 on the floor itself.

For example lets say you're looking for the cursed H.Goddess earrings, an item that (when blessed) will recharge your Strength points as you stand outside. You know the cursed items appear on certain floors of the 3rd mine, so you fall and dig your way down to floor 386. The next floor down has a chance to have the item you're looking for.

Step 1: Save your game on slot 1
Once you reach floor 386, dig around until you find the staircase that leads you to floor 387. After you find the staircase you can save your game on slot 1. If by chance the game generates a floor 387 where no item is found you can easily try again just by reloading your floor 386 save and going down the stairs again.

Step 2: Save your game on slot 2
When you reach floor 387 just save your game on your 2nd save slot. This save will allow you to reload the room when you find a cursed item in the ground. The cursed things will stay in the same spot each time you reload that same room from slot 2. If the item you find isn't what you're looking for you can simply reload and dig it up again!

Oh, the cursed Kappa broach! Not what I wanted though... Reload slot 2!

Hmmm, I don't want the cursed Kappa hat either... Reload!

Oh yes! The cursed H.Goddess earrings!

This same technique can be used to find the cursed tools. Since you can find multiples of the same tool (just like in the GBA games) you can use the save and reload trick to get unique copies of each tool you own.

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