Upgrading your Tools

Upgrading your Tools

The current level of your tools are available for view inside of your Farm Summary page. The level is based off of a percentage; when the tool reaches 100% then you can upgrade the tool. A small, colored icon will appear below the tool's percentage bar, letting you know what ore you can use for upgrading.

The Copper, Silver, Gold, and Mystrile ores you can use for upgrades are hidden inside rocks in the 1st mine. You can also find the ore in the 3rd mine but that usually is more difficult. When you have the ore in your rucksack and you are ready to upgrade your tool, go back to your house and call the Blacksmith Saibara shop on your telephone.

Blacksmith Saibara is open Friday through Wednesday, from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm. When you call you will speak with Gray, the man in charge of Saibara's shop. From the shop inventory you can request Gray to upgrade your tool. He will ask you want ore you would like to use, and then tell you how many days and the cost of the upgrade. When you accept his terms your tool will instantly be removed from your rucksack.

When the tool upgrade has been completed Gray will stop by in the morning as you leave your house. Gray will not appear to return your tool if it is a festival day or on Thursday when the shop is closed.

Upgrade Costs ...to
A Level 1 tool... 1 day
1000 G
2 days
2000 G
3 days
3000 G
4 days
5000 G

You can skip levels if you want, but only if your tool has reached that percentage on it's level indicator. For example you can hold onto your standard Watering Can until the percentage reaches 400%, which indicates that you can now upgrade it all the way to Mystrile in one order. Since you don't upgrade one level at a time you'll save money, but you have to wait 4 days plus any days off that Gray takes while the tool is being upgraded.

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