Animal Levels

Animal Levels

Just like with the villagers, animals also have Love Points that determine how much affection they have towards you. Each "heart" an animal has equals to 100 LP, with a maximum amount of 1000 LP/10 hearts. The number of hearts also determine the size of produce the animal can make.

  0 - 3 4 - 7 8 - 10
Chickens 50 G 60 G 80 G
Ducks 80 G 100 G 150 G
Cows Depends on Rub Score
Sheep Depends on Rub Score

Every day you can raise your affection with your animals by feeding them, talking to them, and using the Touch Panel Glove to brush and pet them. Even leaving them outside adds to their Love Points!

Talk to animals, +1 LP
Just walk up to an animal and press the A button. If you talk to poultry you will pick up the animal in order to talk to it. If you talk to a cow or sheep you'll be told how healthy she is feeling.

Leave outside, +1 LP
Cows and Sheep can only be left outside if you have mature pasture grass for them to eat, but Chickens and Ducks can be left out in the dirt for all they care! If you leave them outside for at least 5 hours you'll earn the Love Point. You can't leave any of them outside if it's raining or snowing. When it's the Winter season you can still leave the Chickens and Ducks outside because they don't have pasture grass requirements. Just remember to bring them back into their coops if it's going to snow the next day.

Pet the animals, +1 to +3 LP
This requires you to equip the Touch Panel Glove. Have the glove in your Accessory slot and then press A when standing next to an animal. If you do not have the Milker, Sheers, or Brush equipped as a tool you will activate the petting mini game. The point score you receive for rubbing on the animal will determine how many LP you receive. Your score will appear in the lower left corner of the touch screen. If you rub and a heart floats up you'll get a 500 point bonus for each heart, but a skull is minus 300 points.

  +1 LP +2 LP +3 LP
Chicks 1000 3000 5500
Chickens 1000 5000 9000
Ducklings 1000 3000 6000
Ducks 1000 3000 6000
Baby Cows 1000 4000 11,000
Medium Cows 1000 4000 12,000
Adult Cows 1000 5000 14,000
Pregnant Cows 1000 5000 14,500
Medium Sheep 1000 5000 10,000
Adult Sheep 1000 5000 14,000
Pregnant Sheep 1000 5000 16,000
Horse 1000 4000 10,500
Cat 2000 4000 8000
Dog 1500 4000 8000

Wash your animals, +1 to +3 LP
All you have to do is equip the Touch Panel Glove and the Brush tool. You can buy the Brush by calling Rick at the Yodel Ranch using your telephone. You can wash your Cows, Horse, and Sheep by equipping the items and then press the Y button. The washing game doesn't have a time limit like the petting game does, but you need to wash as much as possible and create large, sudsy bubbles. When you have a score you like press the A button or press the END in the upper right corner of the touch screen. If your score is 7000 or higher you'll receive 3 LP, about 3000 will get you 2 LP, and anything below that will only be worth 1 Love Point. If you don't have your Touch Panel Glove equipped you can still earn 1 LP just by using the Brush as a normal tool on your animals.

You can hire the Yellow Sprite Team to talk, pet, and brush your animals every day, but the sprites can only earn at most 1 Love Point for each of those tasks. If you want to earn 3 LP each day for petting and brushing you'll have to do the work yourself.

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