As you descend down the floors in the mines you need to keep an eye on your Stamina levels. It wouldn't be good if you where half way down and had to start over again because you passed out!

To prevent an early demise, it's a good idea to bring down some sort of food with you. When you fall down a hole you will loose Strength equal to the number of floors you fall, up to a max of 100 STR lost. If you don't recharge your depleted Strength you'll be working off of your precious Fatigue points instead. If you happen to fall down a hole when you have 0 STR, you will loose FAT instead. When you eat food you can recharge your Strength and Fatigue back to safe levels.

Most Difficult: Elli Leaves
This grass can only be made with your kitchen, and requires a combination of several different recipes. Elli Leaves replenish 100 STR and 50 FAT with one bite, but the effort put into creating just 1 grass may not be worth it.

Best Food: Bodigizer XL and Turbojolt XL
The potions can be purchased from Van's shop for 1000 G and 2000 G. They are expensive but they are the best at refueling your stamina. One Bodigizer XL will recharge 100 points of STR and a Turbojolt XL will restore 50 Fatigue points. You can make the potions yourself with a Bodigizer/Turbojolt base, Blue Grass, and Green Grass.

Cheapest Alternative: Noodles and Tomato Juice
If you can't afford to spend thousands on potions you can use the basic Noodle recipe as your food of choice. They can be made using the Pot and Flour, and eating them will recharge 40 points to Strength. Tomato Juice is the simplest for Fatigue recovery. You only have to use the Mixer and 1 Tomato to make a drink that will restore 20 FAT points.

Alternative options
RelaxteaRelaxtea + Pot+50 STR, -50 FAT
Indigo CurryRiceballs + Indigo Grass + Curry Powder + Pot+70 STR, -2 FAT
Fried Noodles Noodles + Oil + Frypan +60 STR, -2 FAT
Ice Cream Milk + Egg + No Utensils +30 STR, -20 FAT
White Curry Riceballs + White Grass + Curry Powder + Pot +50 STR, -30 FAT
Vegetable Juice Cucumber or Carrot or Cabbage + Mixer +20 STR, -20 FAT
downward exits

To go down in the mines you just enter a floor, find a path downwards, and repeat over again. You can dig (with your Hoe) to find the staircase down to the next level or you can run around until you come across the invisible hole in the ground that will drop you to the bottom floors. You can dig for the hole as well. The hole-method is the fastest way to get to the bottom but you have a chance of bypassing whatever specific floor you are trying to reach! It's a good habit to save your game while you are inside of the mines to control how far you want to go. If you drop passed the floor you want to reach you can just reload and try again.

When you get close to the floor you want you can pull out your Hoe and search for the yellow staircase down to the one floor below you. It is a bit slower but you know exactly where you are going to end up.


There are creatures throughout the mines that will try to harm you. The bugs will fly along set paths and can easily be avoided, but the other beasts will hone in on your location and knock you around. If they hit you will loose stamina! Fight them off with your tools (which uses stamina anyway) or run around while avoiding the creatures with the hope you will luckily run over an invisible hole to escape. Powered up tools do not damage the creatures any more than just using their basic level.

Mine #1: 10 Floors
This mine is very easy to descend down. You don't need to worry about bringing much food and the farthest you can drop is 1 floor at a time. The only creature you will find is at the 10th floor.

Mine #2: 255 Floors
You will need to start bringing food with you on your journey down to the bottom. The holes will start dropping you a little bit more, but only at most 10 floors. The strongest creature you will find are the Dark Chickens on floors that end in 10.

At the bottom of the 2nd Mine will sleep the Legendary Sword. The sword is needed to unlock the Waterfall field, and it is a good item to use for fighting off creatures in the mines. Some people can get the sword right away, other's can't seen to pick it up. You might try when at least 1 of your tools are at a Mystril upgrade level (400%).

Mine #3: 999 Floors
The set of holes in this mine will drop you up to 100 floors, so food is very important now! It also helps if you own the red or blue Goddess Hat. The hat accessories (when equipped) will prevent loss of stamina as you use your tools or get hit by the dark and evil creatures.

On floor 255 is the sleeping princess Keria. If you are going for this lady drop as close as you can to 255, then just dig your way down the rest of the way.

The trip down to 999 will take about 20 minutes or so.

Mine #4: 65,535 Floors
This beast is here if you really want a challenge, but there is no impact in the game if you decide not to give it a try. The only thing that will happen after you finish this monstrosity is a random event will be unlockable, and the event only occurs if you're married to Keria.

On every floor you will find dark creatures. You will have a very difficult time getting through if you do not have a Goddess Hat (blue or green) and you don't have the money to spend thousands of G on Turbojolt XL and Bodigizer XL. You will need several hundred stacks of potions to get you through the thousands of floors.

When you find an invisible hole you can drop hundreds of floors at a time, but the most STR you can loose is 100 points. When you land on the new floor, sit and wait for the Dark Chicks, Dark Chickens, and Dark Ducks to hunt you down. After you destroy them check your stamina levels with the Truth Ring and if you have STR left then hunt for the hole and repeat the process.


On floors that end in 00 you will find a large boulder. When you destroys all of the creatures the boulder will dissolve and you'll find a Thomas-shop. He will be there to sell you Water (+1 STR / -0 FAT) for 100 G, Bread (+2 STR/ -1 FAT) for 1000 G, or Mixed Juice (+50 STR/ -30 FAT) for 10,000 G each! The food you purchase from Thomas can not leave the room so there's no chance to stock up on his overpriced goods.

Going down to the bottom floor will take you several hours, or perhaps even days worth of play sessions. It is a chore in patience so you might as well have some good music (or even play with the Channel 5 Sprite Station) or a movie to watch while you plot through.


Once you hit the bottom you will have to fight off several Dark Heros. The Goddess (or Guts if you haven't freed her yet) will appear and congratulate you. Thomas-shop is behind the large boulder as though it was a double-zero floor, but that's all you will find. The next day you'll get a letter in the mail telling of your accomplishment if you're playing the Japanese version. You won't get anything inside your mailbox in the English one.

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