Memory Game

The simplest game to play is run by Jum. The only thing you have to do is match 4 pairs of cards together before Jum matches his own 4 pairs.


On the board you will have 14 cards laid out, face down. When it is your turn, pick a card by using the stylus or the A button. The cards will flip over so you can see it's number. If the 2nd card you pick match numbers then both cards will be removed from the board and you can pick 2 more cards. If they don't match then your 2 cards will flip face-side down again and Jum will get to pick 2 cards. The suit the cards are in does not matter.

Sometimes Jum will remember the cards that you have turned over and make his own pairs, but often he just won't pay any attention and forget the value of the cards that have already been flipped over. Just remember what card values are in what spot on the board and you'll do just fine when it comes to making your own pairs.

Even though there are 14 cards, only 12 of those are matching pairs. When you find 4 pairs of cards the game is over and you will win four times (4x) as many Medals as you bet. The most you can win is 40 Medals until you play double up.

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