Area 2: Farmland

Area 2: Farmland

Elder Sister
» Your farmhouse
» Tuesday, sunny day
» Karen 160+ FP
» GBA connection required

After you go to bed on Monday you'll suffer from a tummy ache. In the morning you'll have a visitor. The person has a key and lets herself in, who turns out to be Karen. She notices you're still asleep and jokes about farmers not being early risers. Karen proceeds to your bed and wakes you up. It's morning!

You're not too interested in getting up, so tell her your stomach hurts (おなかがイタイの). Now Karen feels bad for trying to get you out of bed. She goes to get some medicine. You're a little worried about taking it, but it seems to have helped.

Karen is glad to see that you feel better. She apologizes for being annoying but she thought it would be good to visit you. Now that you're better she heads back home.

If you had decided to pretend to sleep when she came to visit, you'll stay in bed the entire day. You'll be able to get out of bed Wednesday morning.

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