Area 8: Vacant

Area 8: Empty Area

Ann's Hidden Skills
» Barney's Circus
» Friday
» Ann 200+ FP
» You are married and have a child
» GBA connection required

Mimi is upset at Barney because they don't have any customers. He mopes around until you arrive for a visit. Barney asks if you know of anyone with a special skill. Mimi explains she would like to make a request to that person, although Barney is ashamed that they are forced to do so. After a quick yelling at the ringmaster, and no helpful information from you, she figures it's too difficult of a task.

Ann then comes to investigate the strange looking tent. Mimi and Barney introduce themselves, and Mimi immediately asks if she knows of anyone who has special skills. Ann tells them that she knows how to do a magic trick! That is wonderful news to the circus performers and they ask her for a demonstration.

Ann gets up on the stage, makes some sparkles, and suddenly a teddy bear appears! Another wave of her hand and the stuffed toy disappears. Everyone is impressed, so Mimi asks if she would travel with them. Mimi even tells Ann that she'll make a lot of money. She'll be tomorrow's star! Ann becomes overwhelmed and runs out of the tent. Now Barney and Mimi are back where they started from.

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