Basement System

If you want to grow crops year round in a protective environment, have Gotz build you the Basements for your house. There are 3 underground rooms he can construct where you can grow crops all year long. Once they are constructed you can access your Basements by going down the stairs to the right of your kitchen.

999 pieces of... Grass Wood Stone Gold
Supply your own 10,000 G 100,000 G 200,000 G 2,000,000 G
Included w/ cost 30,000 G 150,000 G 400,000 G 102,000,000 G

999 pieces of... Grass Wood Stone Gold
Supply your own 50,000 G 500,000 G 750,000 G 7,500,000 G
Included w/ cost 70,000 G 550,000 G 950,000 G 107,550,000 G

999 pieces of... Grass Wood Stone Gold
Supply your own 200,000 G 2,000,000 G 3,000,000 G 30,000,000 G
Included w/ cost 220,000 G 2,050,000 G 3,200,000 G 130,000,000 G

The 3 floors of the Basements are connected together with a staircase. On the last floor you have built you will find a water pond where you can refill your Watering Can. If you choose to build your basements out of poor material, if a Summer or Winter storm blows through there is a chance that your Basements will be destroyed! Even though they are underground they still can be affected by bad weather. If you had built your 1st Basement out of grass and the other two out of stone, you will loose all 3 Basements because the 1st will be destroyed by a storm and the remaining Basements became disconnected from your house. You would have to then rebuild all three of them.

In each room you will find a seasonal box, where you can place one of the Seasonal Suns you find in the 3rd Mine. You can only grow crops in the basement if they also have the corresponding Sun in the box near the door. Since your basement is indoors, the passage of time won't occur as you are tending your crops. The field quality in the Basements is Normal.

You can remove the Sun from it's box and replace it with another Sun, but any crops you might have growing that are tied to that season will be destroyed after you pull out the stone.

Since your crops are indoors, the Harvest Sprites can not help you take care of your plants. They can't water or harvest the produce from your underground fields. There also isn't a shipping bin in your basements but you can easily take your Basket downstairs or just place the crop harvests in your Rucksack until you can get to a shipping bin.

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