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Nine months after the original HMDS release in Japan, Marvelous Interactive published the girl version of the Harvest Moon game. There isn't much difference between the boy and girl versions besides the obvious gender changes, but a few things have been added in.

» A new marriage candidate named Skye.
» Buy different colored outfits for you to wear.
» Choose to play as the blond heroine from MFoMT, or the brunette from AnWL.
» Change your house carpet and wallpaper from six different designs.
» Earn a Best Friend status from Leia, Witch, Keira, or the Goddess (Japanese version only).
» More random events added.
» Have a son or daughter child.
» The bachelors will change the color of their own clothing every day.

Everything else is the same as in the boy version of the game, except for the massive amount of bugs that existed in the boy version.

Either versions of the GBA game can unlock the bonus music records, newspapers, and dvds from the connection system, although the newspapers and dvds only appear in the Japanese version.

The English version of Harvest Moon DS is called "Harvest Moon Cute". The game is not expected to be released in Europe by Rising Star.

The wallpaper, carpet, and clothing customization

The 11 marriageable bachelors

The new Best Friend system

Additional random events

When you start a new game of For Girl, the Harvest Goddess will ask you a series of questions. The answers you choose will determine if you play as the heroine from A Wonderful Life ("Pony") or the heroine from Back To Nature/MFoMT ("Claire").

Question 1: Which do you primarily play, Gamecube or Gameboy Advance?
» Gamecube
» Gameboy Advance
» Both

Question 2: Do you like blonde hair?
» Love it
» It's okey, I guess
» Not really

Question 3: How about ponytails?
» I guess I like them
» Pigtails are better
» Not really

Question 4: Which do you like the best?
» Mineral Town character
» Wonderful Life character
» I don't really care

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