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HMDS Release Dates
Japan March 17 2005
USA September 12 2006
Europe April 13 2007

HMDS CUTE Release Dates
Japan December 8 2005
USA March 25 2008
Europe No release scheduled

In among these pages you'll find information, tips, and guides to help you with any problems you might experience with Harvest Moon DS, the first Harvest Moon game set for the Nintendo DS console.

The Nintendo DS console has a touch-sensitive screen, allowing players to touch and interact with their games. The lower touch screen lets you brush your animals, navigate through your inventory, and even select cards when playing mini games such as Poker and Black Jack. All conversations and inventory appear on the console's lower screen with the world's environment display on the top screen.

There are two gender versions of Harvest Moon DS. The first one was released in Japan on March 17, 2005 and was followed by the girl version on December 8th. The girl version was released in English in March of 2008 and is called "Harvest Moon DS CUTE". The majority of the game's content is the same for both releases.

HMDS for Boy

The story begins in the boy version out near the Sprite Tree. There is a small rivaly between the Harvest Goddess and the Witch Princess. Most of the the time the Goddess wins their battles but this time Witch decides to cast a new spell. Unfortunatly the spell malfunctions and the Goddess is turned to stone. In an attempt to correct the problem, Witch casts another spell and the Goddess disappears from view! To fix this now larger problem Witch casts the disappearing spell onto the Sprites, hoping that they will be able to find where the Goddess went. If you want to use the Sprites on your farm you will have to find them without Witch's misguided assistance.

HMDS for Girl

In the girl version the story starts a little differently. Your deceased mother sent a wish to the Harvest King, asking his help to guide you to be a success on your farm. The Harvest Goddess is sent to your house in the middle of the night but while watching you sleep she decides that you do not have the motivation to fulfill your mother's dream. An argument ensues between the two Harvest leaders and the Goddess is punished for calling the Harvest King a "big baldy". The Sprites repeat the name calling after their leader is banished away, which results in them also sharing her fate. Now you have to find the Goddess and her Sprites and also be a success on your farm.

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